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Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Business: UK Coal - Essay Example

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Additionally it is also evident that the European Union and its various carbon tax and carbon minimization restrictions deem the world of coal as a doomed…
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Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Business: UK Coal
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Download file to see previous pages is being the case the dependence on coal, no matter how high it currently is, the government is largely opposed to it and is thus seeking alternatives to clean energy sources.
Sustainability in the United Kingdom is one of the most respected nation in terms of sustainability financing and enforcement. The government has strongly established a need for establishment of sustainability oriented energy sources. Through this assessment the government has reduced its funding to the development of coal mines with the proposition that there is a need to establish a new way for the various energy plants to commence projects that are less intensive on the coal mining. The UK government, similar to the US government has decided to cut down its financing to coal exploration in developing nations unless in rare cases where there are no alternatives (Engineer 2). The funding that the government accorded to developing nations was estimated to be as high as $500 million since 2007.
The UK government also is responsible for over 40% of the construction procurement in the nation and is currently emphasizing on the need for all organizations in the country to adapt to sustainability and environment conservation (Hall & Purchase 205). One of the ways through which the government has been able to emphasize on the need for sustainability is through the routine elimination of funding accorded to the coal industry, and shifting these funds to other project such as the Fracking and mining of methane gas that is trapped within the ground (Pearce 36). The value of investment in seeking sustainable sources of energy within the country amounts to over £ 110 million (Modern Power Systems 8). The government funding which has been directed to other energy producing interests shows with a great level of resilience the need for organizations to not only focus on the growth of energy blindly, but rather to invest in new sources of renewable or less pollutant energy.
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