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Marketing and Its Ethical Principles - Research Paper Example

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The research paper "Marketing Research and Its Ethical Principles" gives an overview of the ethical theories that take place in marketing research, as well as ethical issues that may arise while working with respondents. …
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Marketing Research and Its Ethical Principles
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Extract of sample "Marketing and Its Ethical Principles"

Download file to see previous pages Many ethical questions are attached to market research in today’s world. Many ethical violations are taking place to achieve various motives like minimizing research costs through lack of informed consent of participants, violation of rights of the respondents, use of unauthorized information, confidentiality violations, making false statements and promises, etc. this paper will specifically focus on ethical issues about the Rights of the Respondents of marketing research.
Deontology suggests that people should fully comply with their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to ethically analyzing any situation. These obligations and responsibilities of the analyst may be towards a particular person, a group or community of people, an organization or maybe the whole society. It also pertains to two or more contrasting ethical situations at the same time.
This theory may be highly applicable to the rights of respondents. For example, it is a researcher’s duty not to waste the time of the respondent and not to keep him waiting since by participating in the research, he is doing the researchers a favor and he may get irritated if he is kept waiting. In this scenario, the researcher should recognize his obligation towards the respondent and should make sure that he does not get late.
The utilitarian theory pertains to one’s ability to calculate or foresee the consequences of a particular action or occurring. According to this theory, the researcher must analyze various modes of actions regarding the research and decide upon the line of action that he regards to be most ethically correct. In terms of rights of respondents, take a researcher researching a skin product with some side effects. Here, the researcher may not tell the side effects and attract more respondents by giving out lucrative deals or may tell them about the side effects of the product and limit the scope of the research.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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