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The Impact and Implications of Corporate Culture - Research Paper Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the impact and implications of corporate culture. Every organization requires clear and vigilantly drafted norms for the smooth running of the organization and to help it grow. This can be called a corporate culture…
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The Impact and Implications of Corporate Culture
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that 21st century is recognized as an era of globalization and industrialization. The countries around the world have interconnected with each other through trade. All these have lead to the development of industries, factories, and corporate offices. Chang, Chiou, and Chen suggest that an organization is a common platform where individuals work in accord to earn profit and livelihood. In other words, it is identified as a business identity where a group of people certified to act as a single body manage the whole company with the help of employees and different types of management committees with the sole aim of profit maximization. Every company has its unique style of functioning which often contributes to its culture. A culture of a company is based on the principles, beliefs, ideologies, and values. The culture of an organization determines the behavior of workers in the organization as well as with people outside the company. An employees’ performance can increase or diminish based on the environment of a corporate culture. If an employee is happy and comfortable, then he will be able to contribute his maximum energy to the workings of the company. However, an unsatisfied worker will always incur the loss of the company. The organization must have some guidelines for its workers. So, predefined policies that direct employees are represented by the organizational culture which gives them a proper sense of direction to accomplish their targets. So, a healthy workplace must clear the roles and responsibilities of employees. The manner an individual behaves in his or her workplace determines his or her corporate culture. This culture reflects the aggregated principles, values and beliefs of corporate employees and it also represents the product of different factors such as market, strategy, product, technology, history, kind of employees, national culture and style of the management committee. It is also defined as the set of distributed assumptions that guide all the happenings in the corporation by defining suitable behavior for various situations. It is also the sketch of such assumptions and behaviors that are imparted to new workers as a method of perceiving and even, feeling and thinking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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