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Contemporary Societys Obsession with Brands in Relation to Identity - Coursework Example

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The paper "Contemporary Society's Obsession with Brands in Relation to Identity" highlights that people desire for sex and sexual content and the organizations like the playboy supplies the consumers with it. This has resulted in the development of some of the brands…
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Contemporary Societys Obsession with Brands in Relation to Identity
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Societys Obsession with Brands in Relation to Identity"

Download file to see previous pages Microsoft and Dell is a brand and the customers perceive that the products from these companies offer a unique proposition and value to them. Naturally, the companies do not have to work hard to sell the products. The brands have to be created by the companies and this is created when the companies offer a unique value to the consumers and there is a definite strategy to position the company in the market. For example, Dell positioned itself as the leader in the customization. A brand is also created by the visual perception of the consumers and the image of the company in the market. In the case of branding, the company is targeting a definite group of customers. For example, the Rolls Royce brand is created on the engineering excellence of the car. The prices of the cars are high and the target customers of the company are the individuals who have a large income and is usually an entrepreneur. The Rolls Royce throughout its history has taken into account the credentials of the customer before granting him the privilege of the car. The branding of the Rolls Royce makes the individuals crave for the car for the recognition he gets in society. This has created an obsession for the brand. This paper will deal in the obsession of the customers with the branding with a special emphasis on the seductive and sexual branding in graphic design. (Randall, 2001; Pp 2-7; Marbury, 28th January 2008)
As we know that the modern business world is competitive, it has become imperative that the companies make the products known to the largest number of people. This is primarily done with the help of the advertisements. The advertisements are aimed to make people know about the products and affect the sales of the company. It is one of the most important tools of branding- to make the company separate itself from the rest.
Advertising is necessary to draw the attention of the customers to the products. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Contemporary Societys Obsession With Brands in Relation to Identity Coursework.
“Contemporary Societys Obsession With Brands in Relation to Identity Coursework”.
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