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Ethical Product Designs and Ethical Corporate Behaviour: Missions of Marketing - Essay Example

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This discussion stresses that social responsibility is crucial due to the fact that competition is not intense enough to implement the ethical behavior in the business sector. Consumers have the unequal opportunity and there are several unreasonable conditions in marketing. …
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Ethical Product Designs and Ethical Corporate Behaviour: Missions of Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, several of these advantages also can create difficulties that would confuse, if not completely put off, the consumer. Moreover, several marketing circumstances in a complex society can be actually or economically detrimental, otherwise completely risky 
Possibly the most significant premise that is being made in this paper is that consumerism, consumer welfare, and marketing should not be viewed separately. In reality, if marketing performs its task in the community, and in the larger society, it will, basically, extend beyond the mission of the consumerism movement. Moreover, only if consumer welfare is maximized in a society will marketing as a well-established institution be viewed as furnishing an important and legitimate role in society. Treating this argument as a ‘given’ in this paper, the subsequent discussion attempt to analyze critically how marketers have responded to increasing consumer demand for ethical products and more ethical corporate behavior with regard to corporate social responsibility.
If the argument that consumers’ common welfare is well-supported by marketing, and, marketing has the capability of fulfilling such an objective, then the issue should be raised as to how such an objective can be realized. It has been argued that marketing practices are usually problematic. Somehow, the required objective in the society is shared fulfillment between society and marketing. Nonetheless, because this is not an involuntary given, it is essential for the society to fulfill the needed purpose by turning to consumer protection, consumer information, and consumer education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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