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Importance Of Internet Marketing In Modern World - Case Study Example

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Advances in technology in developed countries have led to a worldwide trend toward globalization, increasing the importance of marketing to organizations in the new economy. The paper "Importance Of Internet Marketing In Modern World" discusses the factors of competition in today’s marketplace…
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Importance Of Internet Marketing In Modern World
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Extract of sample "Importance Of Internet Marketing In Modern World"

Download file to see previous pages In order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, companies must adjust marketing efforts to include global concerns, even if they wish to operate only in their own home sphere. As it is being discovered, many countries are also finding the internet to be a strong instrument for marketing to tourism dollars. By creating sites similar to, Libya can highlight some of its more salient features and encourage individuals from all over the world to come to spend their vacation dollars while getting to know Libya’s treasures and resources.
There are numerous challenges to be faced when a country determines to market in a global economy. One of the major challenges is trying to find a means of communicating with a variety of cultures through the means of a single message. Every society has its own standards and concepts of what is acceptable and what is motivational. While Americans seem to respond well and quickly to ads that celebrate individualism such as a Nike ad in which a soccer team disrupts normal activity at the airport (Nike Football Ad Airport Scene, 2006), Segal (April 2008) reveals the responsiveness of Chinese consumers to these kinds of appeals. For the Chinese, these ads only have an effect if, like McDonald's ads that capitalize on a Chinese cultural belief that beef acts as an aphrodisiac, it promises some kind of payoff (Segal, April 2008). Technology has assisted in these areas, though. As cultures begin to merge through closer connections, modifications to advertisements can be made with a few digital clicks. Technology makes it possible for advertisers to quickly modify the imagery used in their marketing campaigns (Rivera, 2008). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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