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Factors of Launching a Game Console in Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps - Case Study Example

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This paper "Factors of Launching a Game Console in the Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps" presents the primary gamer group that lies between the ages of 12 to 17 and 18 to 34 and is usually comprised of males. In the case of a gaming console, it is important to be aware of the relevant demographics…
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Factors of Launching a Game Console in Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps
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Extract of sample "Factors of Launching a Game Console in Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps"

Download file to see previous pages The combined effect of these strategies should pull the customer in so that s/he acquires the product.

Place: Owing to the demographics of gamers the distribution model should be such that it attracts their attention. Obliviously exclusive brick and mortar shops should be promoted by the manufacturers but they should also supply their products at electronic and other big retailers, toy shops and alike. Also, online retailing should be leveraged owing to its broad reach and ease of payment. The exclusive store concept should be utilized in such a way that it creates a strong impact on the customer in terms of in-store experience which would help in creating a strong brand impression.

Promotion: Promotion could be before and after the launch. In fact, before launch promotion plays a very important role in creating a positive buzz regarding the impending product and product launch in the target demographics. There are various gaming and electronic conventions that should be used to launch gaming consoles. This would ensure that the message reaches the target consumer fast and direct. For example, E3 which stands for electronic entertainment expo is a leading expo in the sphere of video games, consoles, and peripherals. Its stature emanates from the fact that it is being organized by the ESA or electronic software association of the US which is devoted to serving the cause of the specific industry (About E3 expo, 2009). The CEA or the US-based Consumer Electronics Association organizes one of the biggest consumer electronics convention known as the CES and has a membership of 2,200 corporate entities (About CES, 2009). These kinds of events can be leveraged to promote the gaming consoles as this would invariably introduce the product to a wider media from all over the world which would, in turn, translate into wide media coverage. Also, as a strategic marketing ploy, before the actual launch,  senior management could choose to ‘leak’ console related information and photographs which would surely catch the avid gamers attention on the internet and that would create even more buzz about the brand through blogs, social networking sites or even through conventional media. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Factors of Launching a Game Console in Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps Case Study)
Factors of Launching a Game Console in Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps Case Study.
“Factors of Launching a Game Console in Context of Marketing Mix 4-Ps Case Study”.
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