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Trade Union Activity and Pluralistic Perspective - Term Paper Example

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  In this paper, the author demonstrates a critical analysis and evaluation of the way in which the economic, social, legal and political contexts influence and distinguish the employee relations system in Hong Kong. Also, the author examines the various influences on employee relations in Hong Kong…
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Trade Union Activity and Pluralistic Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages        Pluralistic perspective is perhaps the most politically motivated theoretical postulate on employee relations because it presupposes the existence and pacification of politically divergent groups that seek to enforce their own will over the rest. Thus in the process, the management is expected to reconcile their position and reward the divergent groups to focus on the achievement of organizational goals. In other words, managers might not coerce and berate the recalcitrant workforce but persuade to work towards the achievement of common goals. Their loyalties are not to be questioned but redirected. Similarly, their group leaders are not to be antagonized. Thus conflicts between the management and employees are solved through collective bargaining.
        As a corollary of the above in the hierarchy of relations, superimposing or overlapping structures or layers would not exist. Pluralistic or egalitarian structures would compel the participants to concur on a singularly important value (Skyttner, 2005, p.65).  Even in the absence of such a perfect arrangement, power relations between managers and employees ought to produce positive outcomes. At least that’s what theoretical constructs would tell us. Employee relations in Hong Kong assumed such a pluralistic character under the British. Trade union activity flourished during this time.
       Pluralistic perspective is primarily concerned with equitable power relations inside the organization and therefore there is no gainsaying the fact that employees regard their trade union leaders as indisputable saviors and representatives of the larger interest. The conflict that arises as a result of this is to be settled by means of negotiations (Werhane and Singer, 1999. P.116). Thus industrial relations perspective is more appropriate here for an understanding of the work culture and its impact on employee relations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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