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Management (definition) - Essay Example

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Management encompasses of controlling and directing a group of individuals with the intent of harmonizing and coordinating these people to the accomplishment of a set goal or objective. Management basically consists of the use and manipulation of financial resources, human resources, natural resources as well as technological resources in the organization…
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Management (definition)
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Download file to see previous pages The perspectives hence interpolate the events in the organization for instance rules and regulations, trade unions, conflicts differently, (Dale 2001).
The unitary organization is viewed as being harmonious and integrated whole unit just like a united family. The management and the rest of the staff members all shares a common goal and they lay a lot of emphasize on cooperation that is mutual. This perspective approaches the organization paternally where it requires all the employees to be loyal.
1. This perspective approaches the organization as a one harmonious and integrated entity. This makes the employees feel wanted by the organization. They hence develop a lot of commitment, derive job satisfaction from what they do and this in the long run increases the organizational productivity. The organization life is mutual and people are friendly towards each other, (Mark 2001).
2. The organization is guided by a common objective. This is very advantageous as all the members of the organization including the management and staff cohesively works towards the attainment of a common goal which is unanimously agreed upon by the two parties as a whole. There is therefore the spirit of togetherness in the every day life of the organization.
1. ...
The trade union serves as a representative of the employees to the employer and assists the employees in making trade agreements, in collective bargaining and negotiations. In a unitary organization therefore, the employees are not represented and their voice is not raised. They remain loyal to the organization and cooperate with the management, (Hoyer 2001).
2. Organizational conflicts are perceived to be disruptive to the normal running of the organization. They are associated and are said to result to the breakdown in communication, friction between individuals, and agitation. By shielding the organization from healthy conflicts, this perspective bars the organization from realizing the benefits of a healthy conflict.
Healthy conflicts keep the employees and the management as well informed on the general feeling of the organizational issues. The conflicts also bring home the various points of views from the different people in the organization.
3. The organization only recruits employees who do not demonstrate a pluralistic character. This blacklists potential employees from working in the organization. In regard to this, the organization may leave out the best talent. This may affect the firm's productivity as well as the life of the organization.
The pluralist perspective
From this perspective, the organization is viewed as having divergent and powerful sub-groups of which each group has its individual loyalties that are legitimate, set objectives as well as its own leaders. These sub-groups primarily are the employees and the management, (Thomson and Rampton 2003).
The responsibilities or the management lessens since all the management does is co-ordinate the employees in the organization as well as the organizational life. The burden ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management (definition) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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