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Key Issues Identified IM And KM Against The Literature - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Key Issues Identified IM And KM Against The Literature" is trying to definite information management, knowledge management, their overlaps and the differences between them through the kinds of literature and the case studies…
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Key Issues Identified IM And KM Against The Literature
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Download file to see previous pages They should be aware of customer’s needs in order to provide information in a cost-effective manner. The changes in information requirements are closely knitted with specific changes occurring in the user environment. This kind of environmental conditions comprises of the broader environment or immediate work environment. Information requirements basically change with variations witnessed in the received information. This ultimately results in new information needs or elimination of previous needs. The degree of information relevancy is dependent on the ultimate user. This indicates an individual’s interpretative and subjective response towards information. It is all about making the sensible interpretation of obtained information and then efficiently incorporating it into the knowledge base. Information manager is solely responsible for analysing the wide range of information requirements. It is a recurrent mechanism, where feedback obtained after providing information is used for enhancing organisational functions. Information lifecycle Information life cycle to the certain extent is similar to records management. The document lifecycle can be regarded as a critical component of records management. There are certain factors which are embedded within document control such as creation and record design, authorization, identification, circulation, validation, verification, backup procedures, destruction and retention schedules. This kind of lifecycle of records is expected to vary from one organisation to another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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