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Internal Marketing Relationships in Libyan Organisations - Dissertation Example

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"Internal Marketing Relationships in Libyan Organisations" dissertation discusses internal marketing with an emphasis on its implementation in Libyan hotels. A survey of two hotels located in Libya was included illustrating the diversity of the existing situation in relation to internal marketing. …
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Internal Marketing Relationships in Libyan Organisations
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Extract of sample "Internal Marketing Relationships in Libyan Organisations"

Download file to see previous pages  It is appropriate to investigate the state of internal marketing and employee satisfaction within hotels operating in Libya and to try and uncover how internal marketing relationships within Libyan hotels can assist in the diffusion of new knowledge related to the enhancement of customer service. 

I hereby certify that, except where cited in the text, this work is the result of the research carried out by the author of this study. The main content of the study which has been presented contains work that has not previously been reported anywhere.

Internal marketing is a concept which has been found to be especially useful in service organizations and refers to the marketing efforts that are made to employees of companies, in addition to external marketing which refers to the traditional marketing approaches that are directed towards the external customers (Takeshita, 2003, Pp. Chapter 1). When external and internal marketing approaches are being attempted in an organization, it is quite likely that interactive marketing will also take place to varying degrees as employees of an organization attempt to sell to the customers through their own efforts. However, although the concept of internal marketing may be well known in Western organizations, this does not mean that this concept is equally well understood in other cultures. Although the customer has always been considered as being most important in many cultures, the idea of placing an emphasis on the employees is not very prevalent. Until relatively recently, the concept of internal marketing had been relatively poorly understood in Japan and this means that it is quite likely that internal marketing is a concept that is not being well utilized in other cultures also. However, the need to take optimal advantage of market conditions in order to generate optimal returns for an organization requires that all efforts be made to utilize the marketing function within an organization fully and comprehensively.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internal Marketing Relationships in Libyan Organisations Dissertation.
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