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Innovative Technologies Launching Vintage Television - Business Plan Example

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This paper "Innovative Technologies Launching Vintage Television" focuses on the fact that Innovative Technologies is leading the way in the development of contemporary television products. Since its inception in 2000, the company has experienced notable growth in the consumer electronics industry.  …
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Innovative Technologies Launching Vintage Television
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Extract of sample "Innovative Technologies Launching Vintage Television"

Download file to see previous pages Innovative Technologies marketing strategy consists of initial penetration pricing to attract consumers and increase sales volumes rapidly. Pricing policies will be well within that of our competitors, promoting quality and value to the reputation of the company. Our short-term distribution plan entails domestic sales, with a hopeful vault forward to international markets in 2008. To accomplish our objectives for profitability, the firm will be utilising aggressive promotional tactics and strategic visual packaging appeal, offering higher visibility to our logo and our brand name.

Innovative Technologies has conducted a comprehensive SWOT analysis, designed to illustrate the company's many strengths while examining potential opportunities in its current market. Despite these positive attributes of the firm, the company maintains several weaknesses and threats to its marketing position.

A competent sales/marketing staff – The company has recently been recognised as a business leader in training and development, creating a sales/marketing staff well-trained in contemporary consumer marketing efforts.

Growth – Innovative Technologies has recently established its first remote manufacturing facility, the second in its "Path to Growth" strategy. This new facility will aid the business with increased production by 30% in 2007.

Senior Leadership – The company is actively searching for a new manufacturing executive team, as the new facility is currently understaffed, working with a relatively inexperienced, temporary leadership group.

Emerging technologies – Today's technologies mean tomorrows business opportunities. The United Kingdom generates streamlined application packages equipped to enhance production, finance, and communications. These new technologies could radically change the speed at which we conduct business.

Higher distribution costs – Logistics and transportation costs are increasingly on the rise, due to oil prices and supplier demands. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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