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Seattle was chosen as the best location because it had a wide range of technical talent and was strategically located close to the largest book wholesalers in Oregon. The company was first…
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Download file to see previous pages business by up to 2300%, it became an online bookstore before quickly diversifying into other ventures like selling VHS tapes and DVDS, video games, clothing, toys, electronics, software, and music CDs. Due to these efforts visible success, the Time Magazine, in 1999 named Bezzos as the 1999 Person of the Year.
The earnings per share for as at December 2014 were at $1.14 while the Return on Equity was at 40.2%. Since 2003, the company has had remarkable growth in sales. The total sales in 2003 were $5,743 and have grown to over $500 million in 2014, which also reflects a continuous increase in the net income. The company has a profit margin ratio of 3.2%, which is derived from dividing sales ($14,952) by net income ($487). The asset turnover ratio is at 2.3 reached at by dividing total assets by sales. Through ratio analysis, it is possible to determine whether the company is making progress or not. From the discussion, it is evident that has seen gradual improvements in sales and net income as well as earnings per share. has the highest price-earnings ratio as compared to other major companies of common stock. For instance, has a price-earnings ratio of 58 while companies like Cocacola are at 25, Microsoft at 34, and Time Warner Inc. at 30.
Amazon has established itself to be a leading e-commerce enterprise by advancing from a typical bookstore to a virtual Wal-Mart of the web. It has also introduced action services alongside the fixed-price format. Big companies like Toys ’R Us and Target outsource technological services from Amazon, Inc. there has been an impressive growth since its inception with revenues growing from $150 million in 1996 to $3.7 billion in 2000 (Laseter et. Al. p. 32). The company enjoys the economies of scale because it has effectively managed to diversify into other fields thus spreading its fixed costs across the market. The company established its brand as bookseller and through its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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