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The Impact of Market Orientation, Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example

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In a period that is characterized by an increased rapid change in consumer preferences and growing competitive industry, it’s evident that companies should develop mechanism within their organizations in order to generate, analyze, and respond appropriately to the market…
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The Impact of Market Orientation, Corporate Social Responsibility
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Market Orientation, Corporate Social Responsibility"

Download file to see previous pages Most companies that are market-oriented avoid getting into trouble because they spend most of the time with their customers thereby gaining a lot of information from the customers. Indeed the relationship that coexists between the business performance and the market orientation are quite a powerful one. For instance, those businesses that exhibit strong interrelationship between the business performance and the MO have experienced success and the growth of the market share (Appiah-Adu and Ranchho, 1998).
While the competitor and customer orientation can have the significant and positive impact on the overall MO, only the customer orientation can have the significant and positive impact on the business performance. From the managerial perspective, the measurements scales can be used in assessing the firm’s level of the MO and appropriately identify the “bottlenecks” in the intra-organizational information flows. For this course, the transformation of the business from the MO to the business performance is a rather a more complex phenomenon due to the interventions from the other factors during the process of transformation (Slater and Narver, 1995; Han et al., 1998; Baker and Sinkula, 1999).
Successful organizations create the organizational culture that encourages its employees feel dedication and commitment to the organization. Corporate social responsibility initiatives are one way of achieving this. Besides giving the employees the invaluable feeling towards making enormous contribution to the organization, it also offer other positive effects to the business as well. Innovation in the managerial and organizational practices suggest that new and improved ways of enhancing the CSR via the rebuilding the relationship between the organizations and the community while enhancing the understanding of the social capital that found in the social environment that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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