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Advertising Campaigns: Jacobs Restaurant and Grill - Essay Example

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This essay describes the problems that this restaurant faced and recommendations for advertising campaign of the Jacob’s restaurant and grill that can help to solve those problems. The use of adverting is a very feasible way to enhance market visibility for a business. …
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Advertising Campaigns: Jacobs Restaurant and Grill
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Download file to see previous pages This essay "Advertising Campaigns: Jacob’s Restaurant and Grill" outlines the problems of the market strategy of this restaurant and steps that it has to take to resolve them. has become one of the most interesting ways to advertise, both for small businesses like Jacob’s Restaurant and Grill and also for larger businesses. On, there are two ways of adverting; free advertisement such as through a fan page or group, and the paid advertising though paying to boost a post or action (Zarrella 45). Jacob’s Restaurant and Grill does not as yet have a fan page and this will be the first thing to consider the fan page is a good way to keep the already customers engaged and to also being on a few new customers here and there. However, for the purposes of this marketing campaign, the use of aid advertising will be considered in order to increase visibility. offers a number of adverting services. The first one is the boosted update. For every update that is placed on the fan page, offers the option to pay for the update to be boosted so it can reach more people. This allows the update to reach a greater audience. For only a budget of as low as $5 a day, Jacob’s Restaurant and Grill can be able to reach to hundreds of thousands of people every day on face book. Apart from the advantage of cost effectiveness of this service, the other advantage is that it uses the concept of laser targeted ads where the advertisement can choose with accuracy the people to whom the advertisement will be displayed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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