Social Marketing-Does the kindly reminder on the package of cigarette can affect the customer buying cigarette - Research Proposal Example

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Instead, social marketing is a framework that includes a variety of bodies of knowledge including sociology, psychology, communications theory, and anthropology to help understand the way to influence the behavior of people (Kotler and…
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Social Marketing-Does the kindly reminder on the package of cigarette can affect the customer buying cigarette
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Extract of sample "Social Marketing-Does the kindly reminder on the package of cigarette can affect the customer buying cigarette"

Download file to see previous pages 7). There are eight principles of social marketing namely “customer orientation, insight, segmentation, behavioural goals, exchange, competition, methods mix, and [social marketing] is theory based” (Janssen et al., 2013). Stead et al (2007) found that social marketing can be used to develop an effective framework directed at interventions in behavioral change and can serve as a toolkit that can help organizations change health behaviors.
One of the basic principles of social marketing is focus on the audience. Marketing mix cannot be useful until each of its four P’s are designed with the preferences, attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics of the target audience in mind. An example of the significance of perspective of the audience during the intersection of environmental and cultural contexts is provided by Romer et al (2009) who have examined the mass media’s contribution in a campaign for prevention of HIV in sexually active high-risk African American adolescents while addressing misconceptions regarding the use of contraception. The strategy of segmentation, like many marketing interventions, particularly addresses the social desires and norms of cultural subgroup.
Behavioral change interventions can be classified according to a plethora of frameworks, though none can be considered as conceptually coherent and comprehensive (Michie, Stralen, and West, 2011). For example, the UK’s Institute of Government’s MINDSPACE is a very influential report meant to serve as a checklist to guide policymakers with the most important behavioral influences (Institute for Government, 2010). MINDSPACE is the acronym that represents the initial letters of these influences i.e. “messenger, incentives, norms, defaults, salience, priming, affect, commitment, and ego” (Michie, Stralen, and West, 2011). However, all important types of intervention are not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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