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E cigarettes - Research Paper Example

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There is a new craze among the people who are trying to quit smoking. Instead of using a nicotine patch in order to help curb their nicotine craving, they are turning towards something that looks like a cigarette, tastes, like a cigarette, but isn't a cigarette…
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E cigarettes
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"E cigarettes"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will look into the similarities in the physical description of the e cigarette and the cigarette. I shall discuss the chemical components that make up the e cigarette and whether smokers prefer one product over the other and why. Then I shall conclude as to whether the cigarette or e cigarette is the better, healthier alternative to a quick nicotine fix.
The similarities between the cigarette and e cigarette mainly lies in the fact that they both look like regular cigarettes. But while one has to be lit and puffed on in order to draw out the nicotine, thus burning away the paper and tobacco base of the product, the e cigarette is electronic based and relies on an electronic delivery system to deliver liquid tar into the system of the user. The use of the e cigarette is described as:
Electronic cigarettes typically use a rechargeable battery-operated heating element to vaporize the nicotine in a replaceable cartridge. Nicotine is usually dissolved in propylene glycol, a clear and colorless liquid that is commonly found in inhalers, cough medicines and other products.
The only commonality between the regular cigarette and the e cigarette is the fact that they are both meant to produce a particular type of smoke flavor that smokers can easily recognize. However, the flavor is produced in regular cigarettes by burning tobacco rolled in paper while the electronic cigarette creates the flavor using an atomized liquid. (“Comparing Regular Cigarettes with Regular Cigarettes”). In fact, both types of cigarettes are known to produce certain types of illnesses in their users that shall be discussed in later parts of this paper. Cigarettes evolved from the pipe that our forebears used to stuff with tobacco leaves and then burn while being sucked from one end of the pipe. To make it more convenient to use and carry, the paper burn based version was created. The smoker creates an unhealthy vapor and tar by-product each time that he smokes a cigarette. The e cigarette on the other hand creates a harmless vapor that looks like a harmless mist when exhaled. This particular type of cigarette does not produce 2nd hand smoke problems or get its smell into clothing, hair, or upholstery (“Are e-Cigarettes Safer than Real Cigarettes?”). Having said that, those who have made the switch from regular cigarettes to e cigarettes claim the aforementioned reason as the main basis for their switch from the real thing to the electronic version. The e cigarette is actually allowed in non-smoking places and other places where cigarettes would normally be banned. Although Hon Lik, the Chinese pharmacist who invented the e cigarette in 2003 had high hopes for the health benefits of his product when it was first introduced, the reality of the situation is that the product was released with very little product study and scientific observation. Very little is currently known about the e cigarette in terms of effects on the human body and whether it mimics the after effects of long term cigarette smoking as well. Although there is existing information regarding the effects of tobacco and nicotine absorption and inhalation by people, there is very little to no information available pertaining to the effects of nicotine in liquid form. What would happen if the nicotine vial in the e cigarette were to come into direct contact with the skin? Are there any health hazards related to the prolong use of propylene glycol? These are some of the reasons that the American Food and Drug ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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