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Supporting Regulation of E-Cigarettes - Term Paper Example

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It is harmful not only to the consumer, but also to the environment surrounding them. Cigarette smoking causes air pollution. It cause harm to passive parties and more so causes…
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Supporting Regulation of E-Cigarettes
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Extract of sample "Supporting Regulation of E-Cigarettes"

Download file to see previous pages intaining the effect of electronic cigarette smoking in the United States, in April 2014, Food and Drug Administration proposed regulations authority over electronic cigarettes that have risen in its use. The regulation will see consumption of Electronic cigarettes not being allowed on any public sites including over one hundred cities and in many organizations (Mowry et al, 2012). This policy has several effects on ethics as discussed below.
As argued by Carter and Chapman (2006), control of use electronic cigarettes on public places (any place not below twenty meters from person next to you) aims at protecting non-smokers from the health effects that come from release of infective chemicals released after tobacco combustion. In this case, it is ethics to protect the passive party from harm that may be caused by the infective chemical exposed to the environment by the smoker.
As presented by Fuoco Buonanno and Vigo (2014), Electronic cigarettes battery powered gadget produces an aerosol vapors composed of nicotine, glycoland propylene. Possibility of nicotine exposure considering Electronic cigarette gadget holding, inhaling the smoke produced, any skin contact when handling the Electronic cigarette device are the major health issues associated with electronic cigarette. This effect get worse in paces associated with children’s pregnant women’s as well as nursing mothers. It un-ethical to disrupt other people’s environment as it causes body problems. The burn of electronic cigarettes in public upholds ethics by controlling the risk that could have been imposed on passive smokers.
The stakeholders in manufacturing argues that the vapor produced by powered electronic cigarettes device is water vapor but the responsible health group disagrees with this claims. The vapor produced by electronic cigarette gadget contain of nicotine, glycol and propylene (Richtel, 2014) which are harmful to consumer as well as to passive smokers. Publishing such a misleading ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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