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Cigarette Smoking And Its Alternatives - Term Paper Example

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Cigarette Smoking And Its Alternatives [University] [Instructor Name] Are today’s alternatives to cigarette smoking actually any safer than smoking? Tobacco smoking is what companies which sell cigarettes are essentially promoting…
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Cigarette Smoking And Its Alternatives
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Download file to see previous pages There is continuous research about whether smoking is as harmful as people claim or if they are just myths and it is actually good for health in certain doses, and alternatives have been tested and tried so that if there is a better alternative with a similar effect on people on people who consume cigarettes, one must adopt it. (Tyer, 2007) Cigarette smoking and its business model Even though there has always been the claim that there is a positive correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, these campaigns have collapsed, and even people who are well aware of this correlation still continue to consume it. In history, the consumption rates of tobacco have remained high or low, but in developing countries they continue to peak up. This is due to the fact that it activates dopamine receptors and endorphins are released, which not only induce a certain amount of pleasure but also enhances alertness, heart rate and reactions. The reasons for smoking differ among different individuals but it usually starts at an early age and it may due to social pressure, especially for boys; however the gap between gender differences in smoking is reducing in young people. Once a person is hooked onto cigarette smoking, the withdrawal symptoms make it impossible for a person to quit smoking. The level of persistency in smoking categorizes smokers such as those who are addictive smokers from those who just do it to release pressure once in a while or in a social setting. (Healey, 2011) The obvious harmful effects of smoking are lung cancer, pulmonary and heart diseases, oral diseases, and even impotency or infertility. The prevalence of disease in women is predicted to rise the largest in the coming years due to smoking, where as smoking is the largest cause of death in the US currently. (Diseases., 2002) A business model of a tobacco company differs from other companies. But what exactly is a business model? It includes the offerings of the company and what it delivers to consumers. It also includes its purpose, its structure, what its policies are and what it strategizes. (Osterwalder, Pigneur, & Clark, 2012) British American Tobacco Caribbean and Central America British American Tobacco Caribbean and Central America is a leader in the market in the area it is located. Analyzing its business model gives a fair idea as to how a tobacco company’s model operates. Their vision is to become the leader in the tobacco market both in terms of value and volume, as well as in quality. Their aim is to offer the world quality by offering best products, best people, and the best Group of tobacco companies. Their mission is to maintain a competitive edge over other companies in Central America and Caribbean by maintaining a good organizational structure and efficiency. The strength of the people of the company makes up their strategy, as well as desire to innovate and differentiate their products. They also have a good research and development facility, and a fast supply chain. This helps British American to make revenue that contributes to growth as well as adds to stakeholder’s value. This has allowed them to hone into 180 markets globally as well. A business model is part of a business strategy. And its pillars determine the business model. Their pillars move them in a direction which makes it easier for them to achieve their vision. One of their pillars is growth which is their aim to increase their market share globally and to focus on their brands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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