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The organizations continually make decisions makes decisions about the range of products to produce. The decisions will usually include a situation whether…
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Leading Innovation & Creativity Product name: Shumate
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Leading Innovation Product mix Product mix is also referred to as the entire amount of products that a particular establishment offers to its customers. The organizations continually make decisions makes decisions about the range of products to produce. The decisions will usually include a situation whether to produce new products or how to manage the existing products. Footwear is the garments worn the feet for the protection of the feet or fashion.
Throughout the middle Ages period, men and women wore patterns, commonly seen as the predecessor of the modern high-heeled shoe. During ancient period, heads of state such as Catherine de Medici and Mary of England wore high-heeled footwear to make them look a bit taller or larger than life. By 1580, male likewise wore high hilled shoes to make them, and a person with authority or wealth might be described as, well-heeled. In the contemporary world, high-heeled shoes are parts of womens fashion, possibly more as a sexual prop.
Research has shown that more men are attracted to women wearing high than those on flat shoes. It would approximately take 7 minutes to approach a woman on high hills while it would take twice as much to approach a lady in flat shoes. More women will be high-hills thus making the business a more promising venture in the market due to the increased demand for the shoes. The product will be best suit for the ages between eighteen to thirty-five years of age.
Organizations must strike to equalize the difference between giving the customer’s wants and trying to provide to everyone’s wants stocking as many products as possible. Dividing products into product lines helps firms to developing product strategies are essential to customer’s satisfaction. These will assistance sellers identify which product to which will not need product monitoring.
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