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This paper seeks to discuss innovation and creativity, one of the self management competencies that I believe it is my weakest SEI competency. Social and emotional intelligence involves the ability to be aware the emotions of other people as well as ours. …
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Innovation and creativity
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14th July Introduction Social and emotional intelligence involves the ability to be aware the emotions of other people as well as ours. The four quadrant model of social and emotional intelligence indicates the 26 social and emotional intelligence competencies which are divided into 4 groups that include self-awareness, other awareness, self management and relationship management. This paper seeks to discuss innovation and creativity, one of the self management competencies that I believe it is my weakest SEI competency.
Innovation and creativity entails actively pursuing new approaches and ideas in order to become successful. As the competition becomes stiff in the contemporary business atmosphere, business owners must emulate innovation in order to remain competitive. Despite my willing to change the way I undertake my responsibilities, I believe I am not effectively innovative and creative an aspect that may make me not to achieve my goals. Lack of being innovative and creative may have a negative impact on my performance as well as my career. For example, the emerging challenges in the business atmosphere require that managers emulate effective information technologies and communication systems (Maranville 10). By not performing my duties using modern technologies in the areas of communication as well as marketing, my performance would be affected making my efforts to face off my competitors futile. In order for an individual to be successful in his or her career, one must emulate new ways of doing things. For example, in the areas of branding, an individual must come up with brand names that will create strong customer awareness. On my part, I may not be in a position to create strong positive customer-brand relationship due to lack of innovation and creativity.
To improve my level of innovation and creativity, I would research on the new communication and technological system that I will emulate to ensure that my duties are effectively performed. Additionally, I will seek the assistance of specialists and skilled individuals in the fields of information technology, marketing and communication. In this way, I will be guided on the best strategies that I will emulate in order to be successful and make by business to achieve a competitive position. Additionally, I would take time to study the strategies being adopted by companies such as Coca Cola and Toyota among others that have made them to be successive companies in the international market. As a result of improving my innovation, I will be in line with the global business environment that has embarked on the use of modern communication, information as well as banking systems including mobile banking, money transfers systems such as mpesa and Leader System among others (Frankelius 29). Similarly, by emulating innovation and creativity, I will provide quality services and brands that will differentiate my future business from those of my competitors.
Based on the above discussion, it is clear that by not being innovative and creative, I will not achieve my goals. As such, there is need for me to seek the assistance of individuals who are technology savvy in order to identify ways through which I will innovate thus improving my future performance in business.
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Innovation and Creativity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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