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One Laptop per Child (innovation and creativity) - Essay Example

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The OLPC XO laptop is designed uniquely to operate effectively in remote locations without being spoiled. The program has enhanced innovation…
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One Laptop per Child (innovation and creativity)
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Extract of sample "One Laptop per Child (innovation and creativity)"

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) One Laptop per Child (OLPC) has been successful because the organisation has set up a unique structure and design for their laptops. The OLPC XO laptop is designed uniquely to operate effectively in remote locations without being spoiled. The program has enhanced innovation because children can share information with the outside world through the network system the XO laptop has. They offer reliable support in many areas including math, English, messaging, and browsing among others to advance children education. Innovation is also enhanced by the open source codes they have where anyone in the world can volunteer new ideas to develop the laptops further (Pearce, 2012).
OPLC has reached great height but it still faces white-water rapid situation since it is not easy to get the funding to donate laptops to all needy students in Australia and other areas of the world. It is clear that the program mainly focuses on the higher grades in school while the lower classes do not receive any laptops. It is also not easy to ship the laptops because of cost and there are limitations to the number of schools that receive the laptops (Pearce, 2012).
The internal force that may force the OLPC program to change is the software and hardware bugs that affect computers. Various problems face computers including viruses, hacking into the system, and their open source code could easily become a target. The external problem OLPC may face is shortage of funding that is needed to support the large production of these computers. Currently the laptop costs 400 US dollars that is high price since most people in developing countries live on less than a dollar a day. Maintaining the funding needed to support these families to sustain the laptops is a problem that the program may face (Pearce, 2012).
The objective and mission of OLPC is geared towards empowering children especially from poor countries to learn by offering laptop to the young learners. This program has transformed the lives of many children in developing countries through strengthening of education standards. It is a way of ensuring that children understand the concept of self-expression and exploring new talents and experiences. Children are inquisitive and eager to learn but some countries do not have the resources necessary to quench their curiosity and therefore, the OLPC XO computer is the key to unlocking their potential. The laptop opens the door to the outside world through learning, studying, browsing, and calculating in various subjects. There is a lot of information these children get from the outside world that builds them while they focus on a better future. OPLC is a program that empowers children in many areas that they would not know without access to a computer (Pearce, 2012).
In general, the OLPC program is an initiative that supports children from various poor backgrounds across the world to get laptops. This program enhances creativity and growth among children because they have access to a computer that offers support in various areas of learning like math, letter recognition and various languages. It enables sharing of information with others across the world and therefore, children learn different things from various cultures. The OPLC may be a successful program but faces some rough patches like funding the program. Distribution of laptops is limited to students in higher grades because they are not enough for everyone. There are internal forces like hardware and software bugs that may threaten the success of the program. External factors like funding are also a threat since maintaining the laptops among the poor children is a challenge (Pearce, 2012).
Pearce, R., 2012. One Laptop Per Child Australia set to launch One Education program. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 October 2013]. Read More
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