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Use of Music in Marketing - Essay Example

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This essay describes the role of music in advertising. Using music in commercials is as necessary as choosing the right colors for packaging. What is well-known to everyone who understands the concept of music is that fact that it definitely affects mood. …
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Use of Music in Marketing
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Extract of sample "Use of Music in Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "Use of music in marketing" outlines the role of music in the advertising. The music creates the association between sound and product's image in the consumers' minds. People buying certain brand in the XXI century do not need just a brand, they also want emotional connection with it and they want to make sure that this brand will speak of them to other people. And emotional feedback from the act of purchase is possible only when the advertisement has created buzz and excitement in advance. So commercials with the right music can guarantee three important things to consumers: identity with the product, engagement, and currency of the marketing situation. Music can be that last step helping the brand to draw attention of the customers and stick in their memory. Moreover, with the help of music it is possible to provide consumers with the content to examine and share (Olenski, 2014). Whenever there are emotions involved people start speaking about artistic approach. That is how choosing the right music has become a special kind of art in marketing. Music as a universal language can speak to all layers of the audience and be understood without words. Music instantly gives a full of scope of information about the main characteristics of the product: for example, if a company is launching a completely new product they may introduce a fresh band in their commercial to be associated with coolness and innovations. Music appeals to a more profound level of information processing-emotions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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