Marketing and Promotion: Market Research - Essay Example

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Performance art is a reliable source for conveying messages and regardless of the channels used to express art; there should be that sense of admiration and attachment. Creation of works of art is applicable in either traditional or digital with major focus on audience…
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Marketing and Promotion: Market Research
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Marketing and Promotion Introduction Performance art is a reliable source for conveying messages and regardless of the channels used to express art; there should be that sense of admiration and attachment. Creation of works of art is applicable in either traditional or digital with major focus on audience expression of feelings and experiences towards the art. In this case, the art should adequately serve the purposes and intentions from audience perspective (Rabkin and Hedberg, 2011).
Overall research question to understand something about audience interests in performance art
From the list below select the kind of art-form you are interested in, have participated or attended in the recent past (Specify)
a.) Interested in
Interested in (Tick)
Visual arts & Crafts
b.) Participation/Attendance
Visual arts & Crafts
Installation art
Video art
Painting/Drawing art
Making of crafts (e.g. Ceramics, jewellery, woodwork
Traditional/Contemporary Theatre
Experimental theatre
Physical theatre
Reading a novel
Reading short story
Reading Poetry
Reading History or Biography
Classical Music
Musical Theatre/Cabaret
Other live music
Ballet or Classical dance
Social dance
Contemporary dance
What are two key things you could ask in the survey?
In the contemporary society digital environment is considered crucial component of the market since it is intangible and available to masses. The validity concept that consumers approach the market with is a considerable perspective that makes it clear that buyers within art market do not merely purchase art objects, but also purchases intangibles associated with art performances such as emotional, psychological, as well as spiritual beliefs expressed through the artistic work (MTM LONDON, 2010). In this case two questions valid for this market research are as outlined below:
1. The level of digital interaction with arts and cultural content in the past six months
Percentage (%)
Accessing content online
Experiencing creative or artistic work online
Sharing artistic content, experiences or opinions online
Creating artistic work on the internet
2. Standard demographic question for the purposes of identifying lucrative groups within the sample. This include survey on gender, age, social group, frequency of attendance to theatre performances and specific people accompanying participant to theatre
MTM LONDON. (2010). Digital Audiences engagement with arts and culture. Retrieved from
Rabkin, N., & Hedberg, E. (2011). Arts education in America: What the declines mean for arts
participation. Washington, DC: National Endowment for the Arts. Retrieved from research/2008-SPPA-ArtsLearning.pdf. Read More
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Marketing and Promotion: Market Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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