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Method and system for building a database - Essay Example

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In the paper “Method and system for building a database» the author discusses two main steps towards implementation of customer relationship management system. There are numerous applications of Customers Database in Customer Relationship Management…
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Method and system for building a database
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Download file to see previous pages In fact it can be termed as the life blood for a marketing campaign and organizations other promotional activities. Indeed it is a dire need for each and every business to take into account the customers database tailored with state of the art customer relationship management software in order for that business to excel and prosper. Following are some important points related to customer database discussed under different heads, Role of Customer Database: Customers database plays a vital role in Customer Relationship Management. Customer database is a database marketing technique used to enhance market share by managing customer relations in an effective way. There are many methods available today to determine whether the employment of processes related to customer relationship management system are paying us back or we have wasted our money for nothing. Thus we should apply different methods to justify our return on investment (ROI) (Jon Anton and Natalie 2001). (1) Application of Customer Database: There are numerous applications of Customers Database in Customer Relationship Management. In fact the Customer Relationship Management systems are based on Customers Databases. There are two main steps towards implementation of customer relationship management system. Both systems involve cost. One step is the cost of training the customer service staff and customers their self and second is the step is the usage of this system and data base in such a way which can deliver desired results (Jon Anton and Natalie 2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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