The Statistic Analysis at Consumer Consumers Demand Service Through Social Media - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "The Statistic Analysis at Consumer Consumers Demand Service Through Social Media" provides a critical review of the article "Consumers demand services through social media" which reports on research findings about how consumers apply social media in seeking services…
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The Statistic Analysis at Consumer Consumers Demand Service Through Social Media
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Extract of sample "The Statistic Analysis at Consumer Consumers Demand Service Through Social Media"

The research explored the application of social media by age through analyzing a wide age-based sample. The age group of between 18 and 24 years reported the highest incidence of application of social media with high percentages of users seeking services through the media. The age group, for example, reported that about 60 percent of females social media users apply it in soliciting services while about 57 percent of the group’s male social media users sought services through it. Application of social media was also identified among the elderly population, above 65 years, in which about 33 percent of the group relies on social media for obtaining services. The rate at which individuals use social media is also high with about half of the studied population using social media at least once in a month and about 10 percent of the people using the media daily (Destination, p. 1).

The report further identifies consumers’ power in selecting their mode of communication, whether such mode applies to their target recipients or not. This, therefore, identifies a disadvantage to those organizations that do not use social media. It further identifies an advantage to an organization whose strategies have merged marketing with customer care. Further, a satisfactory response in the social media promotes furthers application by about 70 percent as opposed to a non-satisfactory experience that is only likely to promote social media application by 17 percent. About 70 percent of the media users are also likely to re-use the media following satisfactory services. Proper use of social media is, therefore, necessary for organizations. Such applications can be achieved through channels such as facebook pages, which are the most popular, followed by organizations’ blogs, and twitter (Destination, p. 1). Read More
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