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The present essay under the title "Market Size and Future Demands" is focused on the opportunities and threats to Superdry as related to the analysis of the market size and future demands. Reportedly, Superdry is, currently, almost the sole brand name in the market…
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Market Size and Future Demands
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The fact that Superdry only uses the Internet to advertise means that they are designing mostly for the younger generation; the old and the very young are neglected. Therefore, they should focus on introducing deigns for the older population, and even for the very young, in order to expand their clientele and to cater to a broader demographic. This would not only strengthen its market position but would also increase the revenues.
The fact that the company relies solely on the Internet and electronic social networking for advertisements (MLS 2012:1) could prove to be dangerous and detrimental to the growth and life of the company. It might be sufficient temporarily while the economy is down and the competition is low, but once the market conditions improve and become stable again, it might prove to be insufficient. Only a limited demographic has access to the Internet or uses the Internet for shopping and social networking. A huge portion of the demographic has been excluded this way. The company should take serious thought into advertising through print media such as fashion magazines, newspapers, and flyers. This would not only increase the customer base substantially but would also show to the customers that this is a serious company which is interested in serious business and is here to stay. Read More
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(Market Size and Future Demands Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 346 Words)
Market Size and Future Demands Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 346 Words.
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