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The paper "Developing a Product" highlights that no matter how experienced a person may probably be, developing a product is always a challenging task. The process does not just happen overnight with an individual having an idea and having it please most consumers and make a hit in the market. …
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Developing a Product
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Developing a Product Developing a product is a difficult business. The process takes a lot of people to consider and reconsider a lot of matters before a product is developed. It also takes a lot of time and money to produce a product that would definitely make it in the market and provide profit for the company. Forging a product involves the conglomeration of ideas and the hard work of people from different specialities or fields and may even have a need for an essential function of consumers.
Due to competition, the company does not stop there. It has a lot of new drinks to discover and produce as well as develop. To ensure success, the company needs researchers to work on the needed information, survey consumers about what they want in a product or study what else could be done to improve a product that is currently in the market. Psychologists are also needed to study the feasibility of a hit in the market as they look deeper into what makes consumers tick.
Once this basic information is determined, chemists and other employees are consulted for the production. The psychologists include their work studying the advertisement. They study what attracts people’s attention, which would make them want to try the product and include these elements in a well-presented advertisement. Developing a product may be difficult but once done, it is fulfilling. Read More
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Developing a Product Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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