Intercultural Relations and Marketing within MTV - Case Study Example

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This paper under the headline "Intercultural Relations and Marketing within MTV" focuses on the fact that some particular experts felt that one of the biggest challenges faced by MTV while launching MTV Arabia was the prevalent cultures in the Arab World. …
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Intercultural Relations and Marketing within MTV
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Some Arab countries are not so strict while others do not entertain a breach of their rules.
MTV’s entertainment in the Arab country will have to be in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as that is what is widely used to communicate. The reporters and presenters have to dress according to the Arabic culture; whatever is being aired on MTV should be moral and according to the social responsibility of those countries. These are too many rules and which will mean that MTV Arabia will only target the Arabic world and no other parts of the world.
Critically analyze MTV’s strategy in the Middle East. Comment on its entry strategy and also its strategy of providing mixed content to the market. Do you think MTV will be able to succeed in this market?
The entry strategy and the mixed content strategy of MTV where they air 60% international music and 40% Arabic music and also ensuring that around 45% of the content to be aired is produced locally might work and enable the MTV to venture the culture-bound Arabic world. Their success in that market will also be guaranteed by the fact that MTV Arabia planned to design their shows in such a way that it involves and caters for the pan-Arab youth audiences. This way it will ensure that the majority of the youth agree with the program and the political aspect which is important in Arab media is also present due to the Pan-Arabic individuals being targeted. With all these strategies by MTV, there is no way that it can fail to succeed in the Arabic world (Deresky, 195).
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