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International Intercultural Management - Essay Example

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The 15th Annual World Intercultural Dinner, for the year 2014 was held at the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation (UKIC). The affair constituted most of the worldwide countries…
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International Intercultural Management
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Extract of sample "International Intercultural Management"

Download file to see previous pages The world intercultural dinner is an annual framework that is meant to diversify the different aspects and cultures of different countries in the entire world, for instance, the traditions, life-styles and circumstances, social distinctions, political loyalties and the understanding of languages. The main goal of this essay is to vividly describe the international, intercultural management of some of the chosen countries within the world. The key chosen countries for this essay will be China and France.
The objectivity of the intercultural dinner is to bring leaders together and instill peace in a multicultural setting to bring about a sense of belonging and oneness. This is a good platform for leaders to share their visions and to learn from others who have different perspectives, thereby facilitating the understanding of the different cultures from different countries within the world. In addition, it promotes social cohesion through the embracement of the intercultural dialogue and the understanding of the social diversity (Jacob 2003, p. 30). Therefore, the main objective of the annual intercultural dinner was to bring about a peaceful cohesion through a respectful exchange of views and ideas from different individuals from different cultures, leading to a deeper understanding of the different perspectives embraced by different communities from the entire world. Therefore, intercultural management is defined as the most effective functionality of a diverse group of people because of either ethnicity of or nationality. Experts on the intercultural management recommend the use of communication systems and methods, use of organizational cultures that enhances learning as well as the use of human resource management system in order to broaden the diversified field of culture (Jacob 2003, p. 35).
France and China have since 1964 developed such a strong political relation, dating back from the period when France developed an official diplomatic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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