The Impact of reward management on organisational performance: Case Study (you can use any organisation for the case study, for - Research Proposal Example

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The Impact of Rewards Programs on Employee Engagement Research Objectives The objective of this research is to explore the diverse issues concerning reward management in the workplace and how these programs and employee engagement are related. Furthermore, there is the need to determine whether total rewards programs are associated with organization performance and how these are behind the high performance of certain organizations…
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The Impact of reward management on organisational performance: Case Study (you can use any organisation for the case study, for
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Download file to see previous pages It can be said that as the number of sources used in the evaluation has increased, and so has the accuracy of the information. There has come to be a realization that the employees of an organization tend to be the best source of information when conducting an evaluation to determine the employees who are best suited to be rewarded for their services (Sarin and Mahajan, 2001). In addition, it has been found that many employees prefer to be rated not by their subordinates, but by their supervisors, their fellow employees, or by themselves so that a balanced and unbiased assessment can be made concerning their deserving of rewards or incentives. It has been established that employees tend to be extremely concerned about fairness in the evaluation and reward process and to ensure that there is fairness; it has become necessary to ensure that they become active participants in the process. While being interviewed, the employees should be given an opportunity to provide comments on what they think concerning their evaluation as well as those of their colleagues so that the organization’s management can be able to provide rewards efficiently. Research Questions In order to help in the assessment of the objectives of this research, several questions concerning it will be asked in order to effectively cover all the areas of concern. 1. Which reward policies and practices are associated with employee motivation to increase their output? 2. Does involvement in the development of pay programs enhance employee motivation at work? 3. Is employee engagement associated with the performance of the organization for which they work? 4. What are the most significant aspects of rewards that affect the way employees function in the work environment? Hypothesis While many studies have been conducted concerning the factors that encourage employees to be motivated in their work, very little research has been conducted concerning the use of reward programs to ensure that these individuals are motivated to work harder for their organizations. It is therefore suggested that the use of reward programs in many organizations is what is behind the motivation of employees to be more productive in their work. It is quite possible that in those companies which lack reward systems, the motivation of employees to perform is often quite low and this creates a situation where there is a general loss of productivity. Background As a reaction to the monetary crisis that has developed in recent years, companies have developed in to being apprehensive about keeping personnel involved after the former suffered through stipend restrictions, lost gratuities, increased work demands and downsizing. In addition, managing their employees motivation in these environments while at the same time being aware of that once the financial situation improves the best they may leave for other opportunities has created a new objective in the corporate world, and this is employee engagement. Despite the fact that there are many definitions for it that can be found, employee engagement can be described as an elevated level of employee involvement, whose main purpose is to ensure their commitment to the organization as well as ensuring that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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