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The project brings forth marketing opportunities for power bikes in Thailand. It begins by providing a description of the consumer market for this business, which includes the demographics and psychographics of the place. This is followed by designing a positioning strategy for power bikes. …
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Consumer Market for Powerbik Powerbike in Thailand
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Download file to see previous pages The rapid increase in the use of cars and two-wheelers in Thailand is responsible for increased pollution in the city, subsequently causing the government of the place to address the alarming issue with haste. In fact, it has been particularly focusing on the use of two-wheelers, such as bicycles and power bikes in the country, as they leave behind fewer carbon footprints as compared to the other four wheelers. Thus, there is substantial awareness among the masses to control and reduce the menace caused due to pollution, which has generated a high demand for two-wheelers like bicycles and power bikes in the region.
Thailand has a population of 65.1 million. 10 million of this population thrives in the capital city of the place, Bangkok. Although Thais make up for the majority of the population of the place, the region has historically demonstrated migratory crossroads. The Khmer, Mon, Malay, Lao, Indians, and Chinese are some of the races which have contributed to the ethnic diversity of the place. Despite the same, the region demonstrates high social and cultural integrity. Chinese constitutes the largest ethnic group while some of the other groups include Indians, Malays, Vietnamese, and Cambodians. According to recent estimates by the United Nations Population Information Network, the Thai population is expected to reach 74 million by the year 2050. This fact is particularly favorable for Powerbike marketers because of the availability of a large population. Additionally, the fact that 68% of this population lives in the rural areas is a blessing for the Powerbike marketers as they are less likely to afford to own four wheelers and would rather prefer bicycles, and bikes as substitutes. In general, the rural population has a greater demand for vehicles such as bikes, bicycles, etc (Panthong, 2012).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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