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The Achievement Of Success In An Individuals Life - Essay Example

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An essay "The Achievement Of Success In An Individual’s Life" reports that I was not very well versed in English as I am not a native speaker of English. This resulted in the creation of very tough circumstances for me and I could not cope up with my studies. …
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The Achievement Of Success In An Individuals Life
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Download file to see previous pages I could either choose an easy path by dropping out of university or I could put in my efforts to adapt to my surroundings and face the problems. I chose the difficult path because I understood that education and knowledge serve to be important in the life of a person. I put in all my strength to cope up with the educational requirements of the university and I was assisted by my faculty members, who understood my problem and were highly supportive. English is not my first language and I did not hold much expertise in the language. I got enrolled in an English University where English was the medium of education. The lectures were delivered in English and English was the language used for communication with the teachers as well as the other students. The books were in English as well. My English language skills were not very good and it was a very difficult phase for me. This was because of my writing, reading as well as communication skills were not up to the mark and I had to put in much hard work to cope with my studies. I found it difficult to take down notes during the lectures. This was because I had to pay full attention towards listening to the teacher to understand the lecture and if I started taking notes, I used to lag behind in the lecture. Note taking was also an issue as I could not spell words properly and my writing speed was not up to the mark as well. I could not understand the normally used abbreviations as I was not familiar with them and had not used them before.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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