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Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company" highlights that one of the problems with entering the international market is the issue of resources – financial and market knowledge. The proposed solution to this problem is the concept of rising social media…
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Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company
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Extract of sample "Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company"

Download file to see previous pages The process evolves in the interplay between the development of knowledge about foreign markets and operations on one hand and increasing commitment of resources to foreign markets on the other.”
One of the main factors that promote internationalization is the rapid expansion of the internet. Moving their business from its physical existence into the realm of the internet had been part of the redesigning process particularly for those who intend to go global (Barrutia and Echebarria, 2007, p. 924). The internet became an integral tool especially for those with limited resources because it offers lower resource requirements and risk without sacrificing visibility. In recent times, the internet became the haven of almost all products, ideas, news, people, personalities, commercial advertisements and even political campaign.
Recently, another area in the internet has emerged which proved to provide more tools that can be harnessed by business in their marketing strategies – social media. John Jantsch (2008) defined social media as “the use of technology combined with social interaction to create or co-create value”. He went on to describe how social media could be a set of varied and important tools to business as it is a combination of exchanges of information, promoting social circles or groups (Parr, 2009), blogs, search capabilities, networking and bookmarking (Jantsch, 2008) among others.
Many literature and researches have tackled the issues on internationalization in different ways. Some have focused on the standardization or adaptation techniques in marketing in their penetration of the global market which was claimed as a long-running debate between the proponents of the two ideas (Vrontis and Kitchen, 2007, p.87). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company Research Paper.
(Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company Research Paper)
Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company Research Paper.
“Foreign Countries Entry Method of a Company Research Paper”.
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