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Advertising Campaign of McDonald's: Communicative Aspect - Essay Example

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The following essay shall examine the communicative aspects of the McDonalds advertisement company ‘I’m lovin’ it’. McDonald’s commercials that are part of the company’s ‘I’m lovin’ it!’ campaign can be regarded as effective…
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Advertising Campaign of McDonalds: Communicative Aspect
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Extract of sample "Advertising Campaign of McDonald's: Communicative Aspect"

Download file to see previous pages At the end of the XXth century, Atkin’s Diet gained a lot of adherents, and it also affected the reputation of the fast-food giant, as people were becoming increasingly more concerned as for the volume of fat and carbohydrates, and in number of calories in their everyday meals, and surely, Big Macs, hamburgers, soft drinks with lots of sugar and French fries proved to be ‘champions’ as far as the content of ‘bad’ calories was concerned.Though the companies that were competing with McDonald’s could not boast to serve healthier food, yet because McDonald’s was the most popular chain of fast food restaurants, it played a trick on the company making it a ‘collective’ symbol embodying all the negative sides of eating junk.It cannot be overlooked that with the world’s businesses becoming global and the emergence of various anti-global movements that blame multinational corporations for exploiting people and affecting the economy of the developing countries, McDonald’s has also become a symbol of ‘the world’s corporate evil’ that attempts to ‘catch’ the entire planet into its ‘vicious net’.The American president G.W. Bush started an anti-obesity campaign that included propagating healthy food among schoolchildren and their parents, and in the course of this campaign, the direct connection between eating junk food and obesity was being pinpointed. There was a significant decrease in the number of customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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