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Interest in the supernatural first began as stories that were based on hearsay and rumors. Some book writers in the early 1890’s thought this would make an interesting subject-topic for their novels and so they began writing on the issue of weird occurrences or hauntings that affected the community…
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Broadcast associations with haunting
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Broadcast associations with haunting
Interest in the supernatural first began as stories that were based on hearsay and rumors. Some book writers in the early 1890’s thought this would make an interesting subject-topic for their novels and so they began writing on the issue of weird occurrences or hauntings that affected the community. Richard .S. Lambert was such a novelist, he also happened to work for the British broadcasting corporation as an editor. His hobby collided with his job when he took over an investigation of an eerie occurrence about a mongoose haunting a farmhouse on the Isle of Man. This made him write a book that was use in a court of law as evidence; this case elicited so much media coverage such that film-makers at the time adapted the book into a movie. From then on broadcasters realized that there was a huge entertainment market they could tap into as people wanted to know more about these unknown phenomenons.
According to Colombo (1999, p.145) some members of the community who were believed to be weird or posses some supernatural ability to harm others such as witches or shamans were ostracized by use of broadcast mediums such as radio therefore broadcasters early on feared these individuals and did not understand supernatural happenings infact all such happenings were considered evil. Later on during the periods of war royal heirs began slowly embracing individuals with the gift of foresight these included oracles and psychics it is believed that these individuals in some kingdoms actually became the broadcasters as they would tell the communities of their visions of the future. Occurrences that were not understood were labeled by religious priests as demonic powers in play. Religious leaders at the time were also a class of broadcasters as they also regulated the flow of information to the masses therefore they came up with a group of ghost hunters and exorcists who would hunt down these supernatural beings and find out about any super natural occurrences. These men and women would come back with tales, myths and stories that the public would hear and become anxious and feel haunted.
In recent times these narratives are referred to as ‘urban belief tales’ and unlike previous periods where they were spread through FOAF(friend of a friend) accounts now there are spread through electronic broadcast mediums such as radio television e-mails and, internet. The propagators of such stories tell them as if they are true stories and go to great lengths to authenticate their bogus narratives. The reasons why these tales are told and believed is that they build up a theory and reinforce the view of the group within which they are told, they also provide people with rational and convincing explanations of complex situations. Broadcasters get away with ‘airing’ these stories because not all these folklore are necessarily true bit they are often exaggerated and distorted. The media may even sensationalize the story to make it newsworthy. Some broadcasted contemporary legends have been handed down from previous generations and repeated as new stories with only minor changes to suit regional variations. Broadcasters love such folklore because they are ‘legally safe’ because they are old and no one can trace their actual origins. Furthermore, they have an unexplained phenomenon that makes them appealing. The allure of such stories lies in its elements of mystery horror, fear or humor. Most of these stories are presented as warnings against unacceptable behaviors or cautionary tales against common dangers.
Broadcasters have now embraced supernatural events as a source of ideas for fictional movies and programs. They try to explain horrific crimes or some phenomenon’s that have not been understood by mankind. often the theme around such programs include spirits possessing humans, leading to loss of lives ,violent action against other people or even suicide. Nevertheless members of the public are still conservatives and don’t believe in any supernatural occurrences therefore they object to transmission of any broadcasting material depicting the use of supernatural or special powers. They claim the media has exacerbated the issue of eerie happenings so that they can sell their news stories to a vulnerable audience that believes in anything. These urban legends manufactured by broadcasters are not from the so-called primitive or traditional societies. As a matter of fact many of them are from these modern times. The Phlim report (1997, p.9 ) states that the most frequent supernatural occurrences that have been reported in the media include out of body(OBE)/near death experience (NDE),UFO Abductions and crop circles. people who might have had a chance to go through these experiences or even watched them as they occurred are usually pushed into another conscious reality such that when they comeback to our physical realm they are still uncertain about their experience many eyewitnesses have experienced trauma and become so disturbed that when they narrate their ordeals to media or broadcasters who in turn relay the information to the general public. Vann (2006, p.67) claims that broadcasters have for a long time have perpetuated the belief that there exists a spiritual world that is parallel to our physical realm. In most of their programs they try propagate the notion that this world is filled with spiritual beings that are more powerful than humans and which have the capabilities of crossing over into our world and interact with us. Broadcasting has taken an even more aggressive form with introduction of the internet as a medium of communication.belivers and skeptics now have the chance to visit different websites an gain information on hauntings and the history behind certain phenomenon’s photos, past press cuttings and articles can also be accessed. Websites such as have become increasingly popular with many paranormal investigators who claim to have come in contact with a ghost or a spirit share their views. The broadcasting industry compliments stories of supernatural acts as it propels the stories to more masses.
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