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Consumer behavior - Assignment Example

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A) The subject interviewed was my friend regarding the purchase of a new replacement transportation vehicle since her car was totaled after a major car accident. There were certain attributes that were most important for her in choosing a new replacement car that best fit her specific needs and wants as a working mom…
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Consumer behavior
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Extract of sample "Consumer behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Her decision to buy a specific vehicle was influenced by several important qualities she demanded in a new vehicle. The car had to be safe, extremely fuel efficient, comfortable, with a stellar reputation for safety, reliability and low repair costs among current owners and professionals alike. As a working mother she needs a reliable, fuel efficient and inexpensive to insure vehicle to commute and be able to depend on her vehicle for everyday errands and for fun. After interviewing her and finding what her true wants and needs are we came to the conclusion that her need for a good looking, roomy, reliable vehicle with low operating costs outweighed all other attributes like performance, status or size of the vehicle. In her case the 10 year/100,000 mile power train warranty offered by Hyundai for all their vehicles was the best in the industry and provided the peace of mind and reliability she was after. Today’s customers often seek reliability on the products they buy, but like all other major purchases the product has to speak to the customer. Her main concern and true high-level need was “peace of mind”, having an efficient, comfortable and brand new reliable vehicle he can depend on for work and fun for years to come coupled with the exceptional warranty achieved her goal. The desire and higher-level motivation to being “in control” and not have to rely on friends or family for transportation weighted heavily on her decision to purchase the Elantra. The always popular and reliable 2012 Toyota Corolla was a close second vehicle which she could afford based on her budget, but the corolla was more expensive similarly equipped and did not provide the same warranty as Hyundai. Another higher-level need which was fulfilled with the purchase of the Hyundai was need for safety and freedom a dependable vehicle provides to the owner. B) Their brands and specific model attributes chosen from Hyundai and Toyota played a major role in deciding which older Japanese economy vehicle provided the best historical reliability rating, lowest overall investment costs and resale price. C) The marketing department for both Hyundai and Toyota can learn from this example in order to benefit their brands as a whole. Marketing professionals can utilize the gamma of available information from credible professional reviews, long-term consumer and expert tests and long- term reliability ratings and reviews from thousands of owners to better create a true picture of the company and their products and how consumers perceive their brands. Both companies can use consumer data to compile databases which can help provide objective data for comparative and statistical analysis about their products and the competition. Hyundai has made strides forward becoming one of America's favorite car brands and even the automotive giant Toyota can learn a few lessons from an up and coming brand like Hyundai. Marketing managers can also gain insights about the public perception of their products, the subjective factors that drive consumer decision making, as well as their overall brand image. In conclusion the brand's historical ratings, reputation, innovation, exceptional value and warranty of their products are the main factors that came into play when deciding to buy a replacement vehicle for this consumer. Whether you are evaluating a brand new 2013 Hyundai Elentra or 2013 Toyota Corolla the same factors come into play when making the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In SOGA 1979 14(2) as to quality the court found in Rogers v Parish ( Scarborough) Ltd [1987] QB 933 found that goods must be fit for the purposes for which supplied and failure to do so leaves them unmerchantable.6 In Jim’s case, he purchased the racquet at £250, a considera...
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More so thаn in аny previous erа tаttoos hаve becаme а regulаr аspect of consumer culture, where people, by becoming "pregnаnt" (Shilling, 1993:18) with culturаl significаnce, try to build culturаl cаpitаl through their bodies’ surfаce. I will further discuss this stаtement, give sociologicаl review of the issue аnd provide the evidence to support this ideа.
Аs tаttooing hаs becаme а widespreаd phenomenon throughout cultures, sociologists stаrted to reseаrch the origins of it аs well аs they scientificаlly found the reаsons behind its existence. Mаny аcаdemics аlmost invаriаbly describe tаttooing аs culturаl deviаnce (Аtkinson, 2003:91; DeMello, 2000:59). Studies of tаttooing аmong the mentаlly chаllenged, prisoners, gа...
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While behaviorism emerged during an era where mankind was turning to science to provide answers to natural phenomena, it has faced criticism for its premise of rejecting phenomena ascribed to the consciousness. According to Broad, “…behaviorism in particular….are instances of the numerous class of theories which are so preposterousl...
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Promotion aims to generate a hunger in the customer for the product and selection of the place of availability of the product is based upon the premise of easing the accessibility of the product for the target group of customers. Highlight on the thus evident customer centrism of the entire process of marketing.

Importance of Consumers – Focus on the fact that it is the customers that make the purchases, and this role of the customer is that crucial element which actually converts all the promotion plans, cost reducing and quality improving activities, advertising of the brand etc into profits for the organisation. Therefore final objective of all marketing strategies and activities is to make the consumer buy the...
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The key provisions are set to be implemented by October 2008 and the focus of this analysis is to critically evaluate the impact of the Act vis-à-vis consumer protection. Consumer Minister Ian Macartney asserted that “The Consumer Credit Act beefs up protection for borrowers, especially those with debt problems. It helps them challenge unfairness and protects them from dishonest lenders who try to rip them off. Our aim is a market that protects all consumers and is fair to honest lenders, leaving those without scruples nowhere to hide”. Whilst this meritorious objective of the Act is unequivocal, it is submitted at the outset that the efficacy of the provisions will inherently be reliant on proactive enforcement...
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To the business managers, it makes more business sense to design particular products and services according to particular lifestyles and preferences.
A lifestyle connotes a particular form of individuality, self-consciousness, and self-expression. The bodies, speeches, clothes, eating and drinking preferences, leisure pastimes, cars, homes’, choice of holidays, among others, are all regarded as pointers of individuals’ sense of style and taste (Featherstone, 2003). In other words, these are the individuals’ lifestyles. Companies around the world are utilizing the concept of individuality and lifestyle to build product brands that appeal to particular age groups. This has been necessitated by market segmentat...
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Defined in simplest of terms, payment by results can be defined as the scheme of paying incentives in which, the bonus or the variable portion of the payment will be dependent on measurable values of outputs, within studied time limits.

Advantages: The primary advantage of this scheme is the inducement and motivation of workers for higher efficiency and great output. It is better th...
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...[Accessed on May 12, 2010] Sengupta, J. No Date, Welcome to Mark529, [Online] Available at: [Accessed on May 12, 2010] Schiffman, L. G. & Kanuk, L. L. 2004, Consumer Behavior, Pearson Education University of Delaware, No Date, Psychological, Categories That Effect Consumer Buying Behavior. [Online] Available at: [Accessed on May 12, 2010] University of California, 1992, Marlboro Classics Brand Communications Brief, Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. [Online] Available at: [Accessed on May 12, 2010] Wilson, R. M. S. &...
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Consumer policies are founded on the notion of providing the freedom to consumers in an effort to satisfy their needs and wants. Consumer policies are especially important in countries like the former USSR where consumption was deliberately restricted to favor industrial and military development. There is a probability that in the future, consumer freedoms and interests will be curtailed in favor of environmental conservation and preservation. Conventional consumer policies are aimed at regulating consumer freedom and interests, and they have increasingly attracted criticism over time. This has been due to their expensive nature, paternalistic perception, economic irrationality, and rigidity with respect to the real-world market f...
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On a worldwide scale can be found in most of the high streets and they have been compared to the fast-food chains which have to some point have eliminated the individualities associated with various cultures. The proliferation of various fashion chains such as Gap increasingly resembles fast food as it is becoming disposable, entertaining and predominantly standardized. Fashion is now considered as a global business because fashion can be found in all corners of the globe.
Standardized commodities definitely exist as demonstrated in most of the high fashion streets in the world with designers such as Ralph Lauren and Gap being LV being examples, these products are not standardized in the same way that the development of the g...
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