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Effective Advertising - Essay Example

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Advertising is one of the promotion tools that firms use to interact with the consumers. Known as above-the-line-promotion sometimes, it is a paid-for interaction with the customers to inform or persuade about the product the company is providing, e.g. TV or Magazine advertising…
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Effective Advertising
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Download file to see previous pages Advertising is one of the promotion tools that firms use to interact with the consumers. Known as above-the-line-promotion sometimes, it is a paid-for interaction with the customers to inform or persuade about the product the company is providing, e.g. TV or Magazine advertising. Advertisements are generally focused towards the right target market by opting for the right communication bridge i.e. Media. But it is also true that many people who are not willing or able to buy the product may see the advertisements too. Outstanding advertising operations can lead to increased consumer awareness and turnover for the product, thus positivity can be achieved such as brand loyalty. There are two types of advertising: Informative and Persuasive. Informative are adverts that give information to potential purchasers of a good, instead of just trying to create a name. Price or features of the product can be written on it, or to be more relevant, places where the product can be found. Firms use this type of advertising because it is effective when it is trying to stimulate introductory interest in consumers for the product that is not been known before, or trying to inform about the design or specifications. Another type of advertising is persuasive advertising. This is needed to create a distinctive notion of the product, although it doesn’t reveal all the information of the product i.e. price or place it can be found at, or materials used to create the product. It is rather done to ‘play’ with the minds of the consumers so that consumers can differentiate about the particular product and other products of the same kind available in the market. “The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be.” (Shields, 2007). On the other hand, not all advertising is focused on the end user. One type of advertising is targeted at retailers to stock and sell products to consumers and, if possible, to provide a better image than rival products. This kind of product advertising is most used and printed in business journals and trade digests or business channels which mostly are not available to consumers but only to firms and businessmen. Advertising can be done in many ways. Advertising agencies can be there to provide these services. (Stimpson & Farquharson, 2010). Although it can prove to be expensive, these specialists can offer a complete effective advertising techniques and this can be precious to a business without its own marketing experts or to one that might have experiencing this for the first time. These agencies will charge substantial fees and do the job as: Researching the market, Use cost-effective advertising techniques, Using experts and creative heads to design, filming and printing the adverts, and assessing and monitoring the work done. Effective advertising is the targeting rightly at the right customers through the right media and the right time and marketing what the business has to offer using the most relevant and possible technique. Advertising can only be effective if the message has been received and inferred by the receiver (public), and the sender is satisfied that it has been conveyed properly. Key elements of effective advertising are: Transmitter or sender (Firm) Clear-cut delivery of the message Appropriate channel (way of advertising) Receiver (public) Feedback to assess the outcome Advertisements may be characterized into two categories “Branding” adverts or “Tactical” adverts for products specifically. This efficient method allows the company to promote a variety of products under its influence at the same time. “Tactical” advertisements – usually provide a solution to a particular problem. It gives the exact details of the product that is to be sold. Tactical advertisement usually leads to stiff competition from competitors in the industry. Recent researches have been conducted upon this notion whether advertising really increases the sales or brand value or not. According to the researches, NASCAR fans were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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