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Semester at Sea Name of the Student University Executive Summary SAS programs have been popular among the college and university student for its practicality and effectiveness. The University of Sydney plans to introduce the program to its campus student which will help in developing the skills and also in improving the personality of the students…
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Download file to see previous pages Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Target Market 5 SAS Education Program & Students of Sydney University 5 Market Potential 6 Regular & Mid Year Application Students 6 Advantages of SAS programs & its effectiveness 6 Specific Advantages to the students of Sydney University 7 Challenges in introducing the SAS program in Sydney University 8 Recommendations 9 Conclusion 9 Introduction Semester at Sea (SAS) is study based program which had originated in the year 1963 and is managed by Institute of Shipboard Education which is headquartered in Virginia (SAS, 2013f). The main objective of the study is to attract students from universities of varied nations and disseminate information related to humanities and other subjects. The main attraction of the SAS program is that it is a floating university which means that the courses are provided to the student while they are at sea and the teaching program stops while the students are at port (SAS, 2013g). The institute believes in providing informal and formal education to the students in a non-traditional format to attract their attention and make studies an enjoyable program. Sydney University (SU) is one of the leading universities of Australia and is located at Darlington at the outskirts of Sydney CBD. The university is renowned for its well designed courses and the flexibility of the course timings. However, the marketing director had reviewed the current academic course and was able to locate those certain elements in the humanities, social sciences, and environment. The marketing assistant believed that teaching guidance from external faculties would only enhance the developmental skills and the knowledge of the students of SU. The SAS teaching program are designed in such a way that not only will it help in imparting theoretical but also practical knowledge. It would also enhance the interpersonal and soft skills of the students which would pave their path of success. The marketing assistant will revaluate the current academic courses offered by SU and then assess the needs and requirements of the students studying humanities, social sciences, and environment courses for their betterment. Target Market SAS Education Program & Students of Sydney University SAS offers 75 courses related to varied disciplines including agriculture, shipping, environment etc. The courses are usually 100 day program which is mainly targeted for undergraduates and graduates travelling from North America to East or West Atlantic. The ship travel across 8 to 11 countries in Western Africa, Europe, South America and North America and offers a wide range of course related to various subjects. One can register for the summer, spring and fall course through online and offline methods. The summer programs are further designed and broken into short and long term courses which signify that flexibility of the courses is of utmost importance to the SAS program designers. The SAS programs are designed in such a way that it helps in filling the gaps of the courses and syllabuses designed by the regular colleges and universities. The students of SU studying humanities, social sciences and environment would be benefited by the courses because the existing syllabus at SU does not offer variation or any innovative topic has not been introduced in the current ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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