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She was censured for breaching the universitys Honour Code. Allison had qualified for a global study program at the University of Virginia. The…
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Plagiarism Allison Routman, a of Ohio was discharged from the of Virginia after being found guilty of plagiarism. She was censured for breaching the universitys Honour Code. Allison had qualified for a global study program at the University of Virginia. The university has a single-sanction honour code, meaning one abuse leads to expulsion. Any student participating in credit-awarded programs in the university is, therefore, bound to go by the code. Allison was currently part of Semester at Sea, which is a global program for shipboard courses.
Routmans assignment required her to watch a movie, and then provide an equivalent of the film to ship or port experiences. She did watch Europa Europa, and then referred to Wikipedia for proper historic wording. A day before the deadline of submitting the paper, the professor asked students who had plagiarised their work to give in. The Five of them who did were awarded zeros on their papers, but were not expelled (Laconte). Routman, however, never confessed her plagiarism since she thought she had done nothing wrong. The professor later on found out that she had borrowed several phrases Xerox to those on the online entry about the film. Routmans argument was that the words were historical features and not complete phrases as the professor claimed (Sampson).
University officials disagreed with Routman, and so the case had to go through a panel. The panel found her guilty of plagiarism and expelled her from the school. She went ahead to file for an appeal, but even that, she was denied. Routman and a fellow student accused of the same were forced to disembark from the ship since they had been expelled from the university and so had no right to continue with the coursework.
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