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Why Students Plagiarize and Consequences of Plagiarism - Assignment Example

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This paper "Why Students Plagiarize and Consequences of Plagiarism" focuses on the notion that has over the years grown and became a major concern for most administrators and teachers who require that their students’ work accurately represents their own individual effort…
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Why Students Plagiarize and Consequences of Plagiarism
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Extract of sample "Why Students Plagiarize and Consequences of Plagiarism"

Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to try and identify exactly what is meant by plagiarism, the reason as to why it is so extensive and the probable effects of plagiarism on students and institutions.
According to Anderson (1998), plagiarism can essentially be defined as the act of using another person’s words without undertaking to give the person any of the credit that is due to that person. Plagiarism is seen to have its root set in the traditional Western civilization concept of property ownership. During the historical period of the Greco-Roman era, it was common to find orators and authors frequently borrowing from one another, however, the discovery of such theft was usually met with a lot of public ridicule and sarcasm.
Intellectual property protection can be deemed to be primarily concerned about money and the freedom for an individual to develop various ideas into a number of products and works that will be found to be of immense benefit to society. To encourage discovery and creative development among its citizens, the law is designed so as to give an originator a certain amount of time within which he will be allowed to control both the content and disbursement of any of the products which might happen to result from his idea. In the event that someone happens to seat al use this original material, they are liable to be charged with infringement of property.
There are a number of reasons as to why plagiarism is found to be so extensive among students within higher education. In a study conducted on a sample size of 5000 students, the results of the study suggested that an estimated three-quarter of the sample group admitted to having engaged in some form of academic cheating. A large number of students in the sample group recorded as having previously plagiarized supports the notion that while it is possible to reduce plagiarism in the various institutions of higher learning, it is nevertheless impossible to completely eliminate it. 16 percent of the students in the study cited the reason as to why they plagiarized was a result of the belief that they would not be caught, students were aware of the rather immense pressure that the university staff were under as a result of teaching and marking the results of a large number of students and believed that they could be able to safely take the chance with submitting plagiarized work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... work later on from the same university. So it can be said that justice had not been done and created a wrong example for students and authors alike. Before performing any act of plagiarism, one should remember that it can lead to serious consequences of plagiarism like expulsion or suspension from the university, failing grades in case of students; degrees might be cancelled, loss of jobs and most importantly a person’s career is ruined forever. However many ways have been evolved to stop plagiarism for example, invention of software like, which can detect plagiarism in the submitted articles. As Hoover has suggested that any act of plagiarism should be publicized and brought to the notice of superiors. The academic community...
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... crime that violates the rules and ethics of creative writing. Such detection tools are available that can easily detect whether a student has copied something from somewhere or not. As Sumerset states, “with plenty of tools that can spot copied, repurposed or coopted text, attempting to plagiarize other people's material can be an exercise in nothing but getting caught red-handed”. Some colleges and universities even expel such students who commit the act of plagiarism. Such strict standards discourage students from doing any kind of plagiarism in their personal essays and reports. Let us now discuss the ways one may plagiarize in his/her papers, reports, and other documents. How One May Plagiarize Plagiarism is basically of three to four...
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one else’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) material without acknowledg­ing its source (Council of Writing Program Administrators, 2003). Nelson and Stepchyshyn have defined plagiarism as the use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as ones own original work (Stepchyshyn & Nelson, 2007). Plagiarism is not a new concept, passing off others’ writings and ideas as one’s own existed even before the internet came into existence. However, the easy access of a variety of materials has caused an increase in plagiarism and it has now become a great cause for concern for universities and academic institutions across the world.
About two decades back,...
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Cases of plagiarism and its consequences Mouton and Robinson (2002) d that plagiarism is an act “depriving of profit that is rightfully theirs [, which] is theft. Depriving authors of credit might also be a form of theft” ( qtd. in Shahbuddin 353).
Dorris Kearns Goodwin, a well known historian and professor in Harvard University, had been accused of plagiarism for her novel “The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys” which was released in 1987. It was found she had explicitly borrowed numerous sentences from Lynne Mc Taggart’s book “Kathleen Kennedy: Her life and times”. However she never took the effort to put the copied sentence in quotation marks nor did she refer to Taggart as a source in the first edition of her book. Also, it wa...
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Running Head: Article Analysis & Comparison Article Analysis & Comparison [Institute’s Article Analysis & Comparison The reading required for this assignment consisted of two articles that dealt with plagiarism. More specifically, they focused on the recognition, detection, and prevention of plagiarism in different age groups/study levels. While the articles were similar in terms of the topic they were dealing with, there were stark differences in the structure and levels of analysis in the two.
Article 1 featured a more technical approach of analysis, starting by giving a comprehensive overview of plagiarism, and introducing the reader to it. It mentioned the prevalence thereof, and cited several possible reasons for its prac...
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...Case Study; Ethics Review The Student Council would like to make its stand on the idea of using to detect cases of plagiarism among students. It appreciates the efforts and views this as a great step towards maintaining the high standards of education in the university. However, in its current state, the idea is ineffective since it is prone to several shortcomings that arise from the use of software-based methods of plagiarism detection such as detecting texts in quotation marks as plagiarized texts and losing the format of papers. After analyzing the idea and carrying out a research on the same, the Council feels that cannot be effective on its own and should only be used alongside other methods of plagiarism...
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... _______________________________ Print out and study the four examples below. Each example first presents the original work, followed by text that a student wrote and handed in for an essay assignment. Decide if the student’s work constitutes plagiarism or not. If the student’s work is plagiarism, identify it as one of the 5 types described on the handout, “Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It”. Note, however, that the student’s work may be acceptable. EXAMPLE 1: Original Writing from Two Sources Source 1: "Despite the strong public opposition, the Reagan administration continued to install so many North American men, supplies, and facilities in Honduras that one expert called it "the USS Honduras, a [stationary] aircraft carrier...
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