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Nursing Future Nursing Future Introduction Nursing is a divine profession as it alleviates the pain of an ailing soul. A nurse can be rightly called a God’s messenger. Hence, nursing education occupies an important position in today’s education system…
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Nursing Future
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing varies from general nursing to nursing specialties, and after the four year course a nurse gets autonomous registration. There is scope for diversification after the basic graduate degree in the form of postgraduate courses. An interview was conducted with Dr. Llasus & Dr. Dover on topics like Nursing Faculty Teaching Expectations, Nursing Faculty Scholarship Expectations, and Future of Nursing Education. Dr.Llasus is the Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing, Nevada State College. As an Assistant Dean he performs of a multitude of functions ranging from performing regular instructional teaching duties on a half-time basis, and collaborates with the Associate Dean and to oversee the academic program and ensures quality of faculty and student support services. In addition to these, Dr.Llasus coordinates courses and faculty to promote communication and consistency in meeting School of Nursing policies and procedures. He provides leadership in curriculum and course development, orients new faculty to the SON, and connects faculty with Course Coordinator or Mentor for course orientation. He conducts orientation for new students and prepares program-specific materials, leads orientation program for each upcoming semester, schedules and leads make-up orientations. He organizes Semester Faculty Meetings, schedules and attends meetings for assigned curriculum tracks, mediates student and faculty issues and problems, follows “chain of command” in BSN Student Handbook, Performs peer evaluation of faculty by visiting classes and reviews clinical site evaluations by faculty and students, recommends new clinical contracts, prepares student cohort numbers and availability in each cohort, prepares records of students going forward for Reinstatement. Apart from the above said duties as an Assistant, Dean Dr. Llasus shoulders the following general duties such as ATI Assessments (Regular, Accelerated and Part-time Tracks), sets up ATI semester fees/deadlines ,schedules ATI make-up tests at end of semester, collects end of semester ATI exam, analyses from faculty and post on X drive, CSCLV,CSCLV skills lab & room, schedules for upcoming semester, CSCLV simulation schedules for upcoming semester, arranges for Marlock keys and parking information, end of semester scheduling of simulations for clinical make-up, class schedules for upcoming semester--working with the Dean and Associate Dean. Dr. Cheryl Dover is the Program Chair of Nursing Department, Prince George's Community College, Maryland. He performs the following duties like scheduling all classes, appointment of classes, supervising day to day activities like budgets, grants, Committee activities, Faculty/student issues etc. Nursing Faculty Teaching Expectations Dr.Llasus explains the tenure track of Assistant professor Post and explains the responsibilities of an Assistant professor. According to him, Assistant Professors shall be appointed to the School of Nursing upon recommendation of the nursing faculty and the Dean of the School of Nursing. They shall hold an advanced degree in nursing and a doctorate. The responsibilities of an Assistant Professor are in accordance with college by laws. The position of Assistant Professor shall be primarily that of nursing faculty who teaches nursing courses under policy determined by the Faculty of the College, consistent with College-wide academic policy. An Assistant Professors shall aid in the planning, development, and teaching of nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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