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Assignment #1 Making a Decision Using the Decision - Making Model - Essay Example

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While going back to school was one of the major steps in life, graduate education has taken a toll on my life. Before enrolling for graduate school, I was excited about the chance to gain further…
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Assignment #1 Making a Decision Using the Decision - Making Model
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Extract of sample "Assignment #1 Making a Decision Using the Decision - Making Model"

Download file to see previous pages I decided to go back to school to gain skills that would propel me further in my career. I saw graduate school as a beckoning opportunity through which I would be able to specialize in areas of my own choosing that improve my job performance and perhaps, result in promotions at the workplace. I enrolled for twelve units during the summer without considering the toll that these classes would have on my time, work and social life.
The number of units I am taking this semester requires me to delegate most of my time to studies. I want to get good grades at the end of the semester, which means that I have to find time within my busy schedule to go through my class work. To do this, I have to utilize every free minute that I have to my books. All the time I get goes to my school work, and I have often found myself depressed and procrastinating whether my decision to take the masters program at this time was the right one.
My school work has completely taken over my life. Currently, my life rotates around school and work. I no longer have the time to interact or socialize with my friends. Although I interact with a few of the friends I made in my class, we do not get the time to socialize outside the school compound. When we meet at the university, we interact for a few minutes before heading our separate ways. Being the social person that I am, I am always left feeling lonely. Lack of a primary component in my life makes it rather difficult to make up for my previously vibrant social life. As a result of this, I am often depressed as I do not have any friends to share my problems with.
My personality as a lifelong learner is what drove me back to school. I have an insatiable desire to gain knowledge and challenge my academic abilities. Since I was young, I considered by unquenchable thirst for books to be a pursuit towards developing my mind. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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