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Third Quarter 2006 Volume 2, Number 3 Caf Bijoux: A Small Business Marketing Challenge - Case Study Example

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Third Quarter 2006 Volume 2, Number 3 Cafe Bijoux: A Small Business Marketing Challenge QUESTION 1: KEY REASONS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEPRESSED SALES AND PROFIT Cafe Bijoux is a restaurant which serves lunch usually in weekdays. The primary target customers for the restaurant were perceived to be the employees of City Hall…
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Third Quarter 2006 Volume 2, Number 3 Caf Bijoux: A Small Business Marketing Challenge
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Download file to see previous pages The restaurant commenced its business operations in the month of October 2001 after the tragic incident which happened on 11th September, 2001 in the United States. This incident is determined to be the major factor for the ineffective performance of the restaurant. The 9/11 tragedy is expected to be responsible for hampering the business environment of the restaurant by a significant level. Moreover, the restaurant is also observed to lack adequate financial as well as human resources. This factor has restricted the restaurant to grow and develop in order to attract as well as retain its existing customers. Additionally, it has been analyzed that at the initial stage, a lot of construction work was performed around the restaurants which hampered the business operations at large (Lee, “Cafe Bijoux: A Small Business Marketing Challenge”). Furthermore, it can be comprehended that the restaurant did not adopt any sort of promotional technique in order to create better awareness about the services that it provides to the customers. Additionally, the target customers of the restaurant have been observed to bring food from home. ...
Jennifer has performed the telephone survey with the objective of ascertaining the tastes as well as the preferences of employees working in the nearby offices of the restaurant. It has been identified that there are six steps required for conducting the telephone survey in an appropriate manner. The initial step will be to formulate a sampling strategy in accordance with which the survey will be performed. In this regard, the sample of the survey comprised employees from the nearby offices to the restaurant. The second step for the survey will be to develop questionnaire. The main intention of the survey was to obtain relevant information in relation to determine the tastes as well as the preferences of the employees with regard to soup and sandwiches that offered by the restaurant. The third stage of the survey is to perform a pilot test with the intention of ascertaining the effectiveness of the questionnaire formulated. The fourth step will be to conduct interview through telephone. In this stage, the employees are called up with the assistance of telephone in order to acquire their feedbacks and to record their responses. In the fifth stage, the information which is acquired through the telephone survey from the employees is thus required to be stored for making any further analyses. In the last stage, the data that have been collected must be analyzed with the objective of determining the findings or outcomes of the survey. So, this is the procedure in accordance with which Jennifer might have performed the phone survey in order to comprehend the perceptions of the primary customers regarding Cafe Bijoux (The Wallace ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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