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MMK265 T1 2013 Major Assignment 1. Executive Summary Incessant innovation of products largely supports an organization to fulfill its expected business targets. It has been apparently observed that the organizations belonging to this modern day context greatly emphasizes upon innovating their respective products incessantly for the purpose of acquiring several significant benefits…
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MMK265 T1 2013 Major Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, apart from the above aspects, the recommended research design in which the sort of research, sampling technique and data collection course have also been considered. Finally, a detailed assessment of the limitations and caveats along with useful recommendations has been reflected for conducting the research study effectually. Table of Contents 1.Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 3.Background to the Research 4 4.The Management Decision Problem 5 5.The Research Problem and Key Objectives 5 6.Research Design Recommended For the New Research Project 6 6.1Type of Research 6 6.2Type of Information 9 6.3Methods of Data Collection Recommended 10 6.4Sampling Technique 11 6.5Plan of Data Analysis 12 7.Limitations and Caveats 12 8.Conclusion and Recommendations 13 9.References 15 2. Introduction Research as well as customer’s feedback reflects the demand for innovative products. Moreover, these also reflect the services as well as the demand for the innovation of service design by a greater level (Maffe & et. al., 2005). The incessant innovation of products or services ensures raising profit margins of any company. In this context, it can be affirmed that the innovation of products or services helps in analyzing organizational gap at large (Kamaladevi, 2009). The company i.e. “Blast Fat” is into the business of providing treatment that will result in reducing the body fat. The company has faced recently the problem concerning customer’s complaints with respect to the uses of its products. The study mainly concerns with the marketing research of the problem. The objective of the study is to research about the viability of the complaints. The study contains research methodologies in order to collect relevant data that will help in conducting critical analysis of the study. The study will also contain the limitations of the innovative products as well as portrayal of valuable recommendations for the problem. 3. Background to the Research Blast Fat used to provide a special treatment that helps in reducing cellular fat from the body fat. The company has claimed that the services rendered by them assist in reducing the fat without the need of any sort of surgery and injections. The claim of the company further revealed that the results will be remarkable within 2 weeks with respect to the transformation of the body. After using the products of Blast Fat, the feedback of the customers ultimately created problems for the company. The customers complained about the products that were served to them by the company. The case was then taken as well as analyzed by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). In this similar context, it has been viewed that it was difficult for the CAV to determine the specific cause related to the problem. This might be owing to the reason that the company has not conducted clinical trial of the products before positioning into the business markets. The extent of the problem was not clear with the CAV that resulted in conducting in-depth research of the problem. The research area focused upon the consumers those who have successfully used the therapy or the products of the company (Greene, Bigham & Patterson, 2012). 4. The Management Decision Problem The research study ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MMK265 T1 2013 Major Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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