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Global Marketing: Hardee's Situation and Opportunity Analysis Report for New Australian Fast Food Market - Essay Example

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This paper analyzis the work of Hardees which is a big global food company that was started in the year 1960. The organization has initiated restaurants in different countries, and intends to expand its market share by entering the Australian fast food market. …
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Global Marketing: Hardees Situation and Opportunity Analysis Report for New Australian Fast Food Market
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Extract of sample "Global Marketing: Hardee's Situation and Opportunity Analysis Report for New Australian Fast Food Market"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, they have specific workers for cooking, serving, and taking orders. The company has the ability to carry out effective promotional campaigns because its organizational structure makes it easier for managers to have considerable control over the restaurants. Some of the company’s resources include its effective human resource and restaurants that are clustered in limited geographical areas. This clustering gives the firm the ability to dominate the regional markets. It also enables it to have more economies of scale benefits in the limited regions. Its other resources include its foods chains that consist of many types of fast foods such as burgers, fries, and several soft drinks. The company also has many franchisees such as the Boddie-Noel Enterprises that have contributed to its expansion (CKE Restaurants, 2012). Products, markets, Distribution, and supply Hardees is the major fast foods company globally. Its products include the different types of burgers, fries, desserts, and chicken sandwiches. It is among the companies with the largest market share. This is because of its 475 restaurants and more than five hundred franchisees. The company holds about 1 percent of the entire global market share. Although this percentage may seem too small, the market share is expanding each year because of increasing sales. The analysis of its sales show that the company has increased its sales by about 61 percent since the company was stated. That company noticed that most of its customers buy the “take away” foods. As a result, it improved its packaging to satisfy such customers. For instance, it introduced the new coffee cup with lids. Additionally, the company realized that its sales were reducing in the past years because...
This essay stresses that the company has the opportunity to comprehend its opportunities in Australia. This is because of its innovativeness that helps in enhancing the differentiation of the products. The company has successfully used the innovative strategies when entering other markets that have contributed to its success. It addition, the company has enough resources, which will enable it to meet the customer’s satisfaction in the new market. One of its vital resources includes their human resources that contribute to increasing its competitiveness. The company’s managers have strong leadership skills that will make them ensure that the business realizes its objectives through the alignment of the firm’s activities with its goals. In addition, the company is capable of delivering the high quality services to its customers in the new country because it has motivated workers. The company’s workers are vey self-driven because the company focuses on satisfying their needs.
This paper makes a conclusion that Hardees is among the worlds’ most popular restaurants. The company’s strengths such as highly recognized brand and differentiated products will enable it successfully enter the Australian fast foods market. The company has various opportunities to expand in Australia because it has enough resources that will enable it to carry out all the necessary activities. In addition, the company can align its activities with goals that are important success factors in a business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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