A Crisis of Trust: Importance of Customer Service Excellence in Establishing Trust - Essay Example

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The customers are considered as the lifeblood of the business industry;it is important for business organisations to gain their trust and loyalty.In line with this,they employ customer service excellence in order to get and maintain a good rapport …
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A Crisis of Trust: Importance of Customer Service Excellence in Establishing Trust
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Download file to see previous pages By definition, customer service is the ability of an employee to deliver the product or service in the fastest yet most professional manner (Churchill & Frankiewicz, 2006). In relation to definition, many businesses and corporations may be aware of the importance of customer service to business transactions, but only few are cognisant of the aggregate impact of customer service. According to Jackson (n.d.), financial services in the United Kingdom have gained the highest loss of customers due to their poor customer service. Many of their customers end up transferring accounts to the competitors. Most of the customers ages 27-43, in relation to the repetition of the same poor service, are being forced to wait for a long period, customer service representatives do not have prior information of the client, and the inability to transfer from one communication medium to another. Also, the NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland have been named as two of the few financial services that have a poor customer service. For this reason, the two banks have to pay ?2.8 million for the inadequate and poor response of customer’s complaints. It has been found out that customers of the banks are unfairly treated due to the latter’s inability to handle complaints in a proper way....
With this on hand, this paper will further analyse, in a critical manner, how to employ an effective customer service excellence strategies in order to build and sustain the trust of customers in today’s organisations. Part Two 1.0 Customer Service Excellence In any business, customer service is one of the most important elements in gaining consumer trust. This is important as business transactions are done in a two-way manner. This two-way process brings more risks to the consumer; however, with trust and reliance, the consumer expects to gain an honest and reliable business transaction. Therefore, consumer trust is the ability of the customer to expect that the transaction with a service provider or a product provider will be successful (Asperin, 2004). Customer service can be successful as long as the range of the product fits the needs, desires, and expectations of the customer. Also, the delivery system of the business must be efficient along with its environment. Another factor that affects the excellence of customer service is the technology used to facilitate the customer, as well as employees’ efficiency (Churchill & Frankiewicz, 2006) 2.0 Customer Service Strategies Business goals, mission statements, and vision statements, and many more are essential to give directions to a business. However, it is crucial to know the customers of the business and create specific strategies to be used for customer service. A customer service strategy is one of the fundamental parts in molding a business towards success. The following strategies can be applied by businesses or today’s organisations in order to build a strong foundation of trust from customers and to be able to sustain it. 2.1 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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