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Personal case study reflection - Essay Example

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Decision-Making 24th , November 2012 Introduction Decision-making and problem solving are important aspects of life. These are responsible for the different choices a person makes and most probably determines their personality. Good decision-making and problem-solving skills are advantageous for every person, especially those who are in leadership positions…
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Personal case study reflection
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Download file to see previous pages Procrastination in decision-making may make the situation or problem worse. Decisions should therefore be made and executed in a timely manner. These should be accepted by the people, in addition to being high-quality decisions. Critical conditions need critical thinking to be applied in order to arrive at a conclusive and well-thought decision. Therefore, one needs to reason and where possible apply the various decision-making and problem-solving models and theories in order to ensure quality of their decisions (Bell, Raiffa, & Tversky, 1998). It is also important for one to be flexible and react promptly to situations. This brings boosts personal confidence. This paper highlights a personal decision-making process, where being the supervisor of my group at my work place, one of the group members challenges my authority by behaving in an indiscipline manner, and shows a poor attitude. Problem Background I got a promotion to become a supervisor for a group of employees at our small office. Roles of a supervisor include monitoring specific employees’ performance and behavior. This is a leadership position that I was presented with. ...
Sports day came once every year, and was aimed at encouraging bonding of the employees as they engaged in various sport, competing with each other. My duty on this rehearsal day was to ensure orderliness and active participation of all members of my group, including assigning each of them to a game type they would participate in on the sports day. However, in the course of my coordination, I realized that one member of my group did not follow a single instruction I gave out. He would defy instructions and move in and out of the group’s meeting place. Additionally, he would deliberately refuse to participate in some demonstrations I had asked the group to perform. This infuriated me, considering that I sometimes lose my temper so fast. However, I tried to control my emotions and play cool. Remaining calm did not make this employee comply with the session requirements. This is a disciplinary case where my subordinate challenged my authority as a supervisor and put me in a challenging situation about the course of actions I was to adopt as a leader. As a leader, I was expected to make the right decisions, which would not be lethal to either the involved employee or me in order to change his attitude toward me, for better coordination and effective execution of tasks. Approaches to Decision-Making and Problem-Solving As a leader, I managed to solve the problem successfully. However, further exposure to leadership and knowledge on the models and approaches to decision-making and problem solving has given me a different way of looking at how I could have addressed this situation in a more favorable way. As a supervisor, I was responsible for planning, and analyzing situations, identifying and solving problems, including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Case Study Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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