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World Vision research Paper - Essay Example

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World Vision was founded in United States of America in 1950 by Dr. Robert Pierce. It was found with the objective of helping orphans and other children facing any sort of difficulties…
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World Vision research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages World Vision is a company based on Christian partnerships all around the world and they aim to use their Christian values in serving mankind and giving back to the world. They work towards bringing children and families out of their state of poverty and help them utilize their full potential in their lives. They also aim to tackle any injustice brought upon these people, in order to improve their standard of living. World Vision provides emergency services to disaster stricken areas. They arrange immediate relief programs for people who find themselves in conflict areas. This relief can be in the form of food, shelter, financial aid etc. In their time, World Vision has helped earthquake victims in countries like India, Taiwan, and Turkey, tsunami stricken nations near Indian Ocean, and famine-stricken areas in Ethiopia and North Korea. Other than this, they have also helped war refugees in places such as Angola and Kosovo and hurricane victims in Central America. World Vision also works with the media to spread awareness about poverty and helping those in need. Community wide programs are run for fundraising. World vision explains to the general public the causes and explanations for poverty and injustice and the consequence they entail. World Vision has also been working to advocate to the US government the need to establish food as a right, in order to put an end to global hunger. It has been fighting for the increase in the budget for foreign disaster assistance, global health and food aid. World Vision also runs a sponsorship program where they help the needy children and their families. Through Child Sponsorship, World Vision provides education and skills, health care, good sanitation, access to clean drinking water, and the required nutrition to these children. The company believes that by positively altering the lives of these needy children, it can encourage the development and growth of the society in a positive manner. World Vision makes its money through different funding programs. It runs a child sponsorship program where individuals, families or institutions like churches or schools can sponsor the children in need. They can also provide funds for any of the projects being run. The money gained from these funds is then divided to be spent on the programs, on further fundraising, and on the management and running of the company. People find an incentive to give funds to the company because it is a reliable source and whoever gives money with the intention of helping the society can be ensured that their money will be put to the right use. World Vision has been in the picture for long enough to earn a credible reputation for itself. Its credibility is its strength that helps it in gaining funds. World Vision is one of the leaders in its category. It was one of the very first organizations that were set up to help those in need and to aid the growth and development of underprivileged societies. The product of World Vision is the relief and assistance provided to overcome poverty and injustice and it falls under the category of relief and development sector. It is provided either directly to the recipients or to the respective governments of the countries the victims belong to. World Vision started off in 1960s with the provision of food, clothing and medical care to people stuck by any form of disaster. In 1970s, World Vision expanded their efforts and the company went international. Their services also diversified. After providing emergency relief, the company started providing vocational and agricultural training to families. They also taught people the set up and functioning of small businesses in order to enable them to earn money ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World Vision Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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