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Channels of Distribution and IMC Promotion/Budgets - Research Paper Example

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Distribution Channels First, it should be emphasized that Off 2 Gran Grans is intended to resort to the issues of corporate social responsibility as a positioning and competitive tool. And, since the target audience of the company involves 60+ aged citizens, 80% of promotional efforts should be oriented at this audience…
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Channels of Distribution and IMC Promotion/Budgets
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"Channels of Distribution and IMC Promotion/Budgets"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the services are provided with the assistance of highly mobile employees. Team of couriers and executives will reach the target market by scooters or other vehicles. Central office involves dispatching point, call center, coordination facility, and information provider. Therefore, additionally to the administrative functions, the central office is intended for ensuring the efficiency of the services provided. It provides information concerning working hours of the supermarkets and drugstores, traffic jams and bypasses, etc. IMC Promotion Plan The primary objective of the promotional approach is closely associated with the necessity to persuade the target audience that the Off 2 Gran Grans is the company that can be trusted, and the services it provides are worth the fee asked. The target audience has to trust the company’s personnel; hence, the advertisement approach should be aimed at creating the image of a personal consultant, assistant, and a housekeeper. (Kitchen and Pelsmacker, 67) Promotional efforts for the Off 2 Gran Grans Company are focused on hitting the target audience through the promotional channels available for it. Therefore, the key channels are radio, television, direct sales, commercial booklets, yellow pages, newspapers etc. Additional accent are made on internet and social media for the rest 20% target audience. This helps to diversify the advertising efforts, as well as find the proper balance for advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and personal selling. (Schultz and Kitchen, 116) Such a balance is essential for creating the necessary image of the organization, as well as improving the efficiency of the advertising strategy. Considering the nature of the target audience, the most effective advertising is through a bush telegraph, therefore, proper communication process will help to launch additional advertising capacity. Hence, the advertising is considered successful when 200 customers base is achieved. Promotional activities are as given below: 1. Advertising. This is the traditional approach towards promoting the company. It involves newspapers, radio, TV, magazines as well as outdoor advertisement. 2. Personal selling. This approach requires establishing proper communication with the target audience, and then mobilizing interpersonal and persuasive skills. This is achieved by arranging public surveys, collecting personal info for further communication with the potential customers. 3. Direct marketing means sending letters and booklets. It may be followed by personal communication and selling for increasing the efficiency of the efforts. 4. Public relations. Instead of promoting services, it is directed at creating a particular image of the company within the audience. Hence, the personnel of the company will have to give interviews, arrange socially attractive actions, and participate in charity. 5. Sales promotion. This aspect involves price offs, discounts, and free services. (Groom, 39) IMC Budget Considering the rollout plan, the promotion strategy will include the following promotion activities: 1. East County Times advertising costs are $13 inch b/w. 8x8 block would cost $832. Once a month publication totals $9,984 per year. 2. Radio commercial running (WBAL-AM) costs $196 per 60 seconds. 10 seconds clip, (3 times a day on weekdays, 8 times – on weekends) will cost $2430 per month. ($29,164 per year) 3. Small billboards range from $300 to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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